Tips to Stay Safe When Gambling at a Casino

Casinos are places of entertainment and money spending. Gambling at these venues can become addictive and result in serious financial trouble if not properly managed, so here are a few safety measures you should take when gambling at casinos.

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Games offered

There is a range of casino games available for players. Some are traditional table games involving cards and dice while others utilize video poker or games of chance such as baccarat, blackjack and roulette – as well as live gaming where you interact with live croupiers – others involve skill or strategy but all can be enjoyed using mobile devices anywhere around the world.


Casinos can be an attractive economic contributor, yet gambling requires awareness of tax rates and regulations. As an example, any cash winnings must be reported and taxed accordingly while non-cash winnings need to be reported as per FMV (fair market value).

Casino operatorss must also meet BSA recordkeeping requirements, which includes filing suspicious activity reports and currency transaction reports (CTRs). Although casino are legally exempt from adhering to strict CDD requirements like banks do, they still are required to collect customer due diligence information from customers prior to making transactions.

If multiple individuals handle the same currency bankroll, each must act as a “transaction agent” and their combined transactions must exceed $10,000 in one Gaming Day for CTR reporting to be required. Furthermore, casinos must file SARs when they suspect or become aware that certain transactions may be undertaken to conceal illegal funds or assets; avoid BSA reporting/recordkeeping requirements; or promote illegal activities.


Gaming industry regulations are stringent and compliance is required of operators licenses to remain operational. This includes anti-money laundering measures and consumer protection standards enforced by federal, state, and local authorities – depending on your jurisdiction this could include age restrictions, game restrictions or even zoning requirements.

Regulators require casinos to conduct background checks on any consultant, supplier, vendor, distributor, advisor or tenant who conducts business with them – this includes screening for criminal or compliance violations in addition to meeting US Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) compliance standards.

Regulated casinos must also keep track of how much customers bet and lose at their establishments, and document these figures for recordkeeping purposes.

Social impact

Balanced measurement studies offer distinct advantages over past efforts which focused solely on gross economic impacts of casino gambling.

Casino gambling presents another set of challenges: money that would otherwise go towards other forms of entertainment may be diverted towards casino gambling instead, creating what is known as “cannibalisation effect.” Residents could shift spending towards retail sales instead, thus decreasing job opportunities in these industries.

Furthermore, pathological gambling debt can significantly raise society’s cost of borrowing – this being especially problematic in South Africa where savings rates are relatively low. Furthermore, casinos contribute waste products that pollute landfills and contribute to pollution issues.

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