YouTube Marketing Techniques That You Should Follow

YouTube Marketing Techniques That You Should Follow

Youtube is a video-sharing platform. Owned by Google, with around 22.8 billion users in a month, it has become the second search engine after Google. It makes it clear that the platform is not just an entertaining platform. You can now use it as a marketing tool to advertise your business. 

Therefore, this blog will discuss the YouTube marketing techniques you should follow.

But before that, let us talk about the benefits of using YouTube. 

Benefits Of Using YouTube As A Marketing Tool

There are so many benefits of using YouTube. Some of them are given below. 

  • YouTube has become the best tool to market your business. Once you optimize your YouTube channel, you can treat it like a search engine. 
  • It’s not a secret that videos are the most liked form of content. YouTube is the easiest video-sharing platform, exposing your brand to a vast audience. To support the statement, YouTube receives more than 30 million visitors daily. More than half of these views come from mobile devices, which means that YouTube is accessible to all. 
  • Youtube gives you qualified traffic. Not all traffic you get will help you in getting the conversion. However, when people open it, they tend to find their target pain solver. Your target audience is continuously looking for you on YouTube. 

#1 YouTube Marketing Techniques That You Should Follow

The best part about YouTube is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars advertising your business on the platform. On the contrary, the platform itself is an advertising platform. 

Some of the best techniques to use the platform for marketing your business are mentioned below: 

#2 Create Content On YouTube

YouTube is the most accessible platform. As a brand, it is important to create content on YouTube. It helps the brand to bridge the gap with the audience. 

You should aim for at least one video a week. It will tell the algorithm of YouTube to push your videos to your target audience. 

One simple way to create a stream of content is to produce a short form of content. Luckily, short form of content is popular these days. 

#3 Do Not Ignore The Title

Most business owners or creators forget to add a keyword focussed title in their videos. However, adding keywords to your titles is beneficial as it helps your target audience to find your content easily. You can also optimize your YouTube videos. To optimize your YouTube videos, you can follow the given steps: 

  • Incorporate Keywords into your video titles. 
  • Use customized thumbnails. 
  • Add a description in every video.
  • You can also use hashtags in your title. 

#4 Design Great Thumbnails 

Thumbnails are the first impression that you can make on your potential customers. It can be a snapshot of the inside of your videos. You can also follow a pattern for your thumbnail. It will help your audience to recognize your videos immediately. Apart from that, you can also follow the BOGY rule to make your thumbnails. BOGY here stands for Blue, Orange, Green, and Yellow.  

However, you can also choose colors that align with your brand image. 

Remember that your viewers should not feel duped into watching your videos, which means you should never post clickbait as your thumbnail.

#5 Embed YouTube Videos on the Website 

If you are a brand or business owner, you must have a website. To leverage the advantages of a website, you should embed YouTube videos on HTML website. It will help you cross-promote your website and YouTube channel. 

YouTube also provides an embedding feature, but it is not as efficient as the social media aggregator tools. These tools enable you to complete the entire embedding without having to code. As a business owner, it is important to keep an eye on the analytics of the feed you embed on your website. Luckily, some of these social media aggregator tools provide a feature of analyzing the engagement on the feeds. It enables its users to know if the YouTube videos are working for your website. 

Using the moderation panel of these tools, you can decide which video to show on your website. 

#6 Create YouTube Shorts 

YouTube Shorts are vertical short-form videos. Currently, it receives 15 billion views daily. Over the last two years, it has gained enough popularity and viewership. The greatest benefit of YouTube Shorts is that viewers enjoy seeing more in less time. You can make 20 to 30 brief videos daily and get more views. The longer versions can then be used if you successfully keep users interested.

In Other Days 

YouTube is the easiest way to approach your audience and a great platform to market your business. You can show the behind-the-scenes of your business, including the feedback on your products or services. It will help you to connect with your existing and potential customers on a deeper level. 

You can use these marketing techniques to take your business to the next level.


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