Widowmaker vs Minigun in GTA Online: Which gun is better and why? Latest Review

Widowmaker vs Minigun in GTA Online: Which gun is better and why? Latest Review

Widowmaker vs Minigun in GTA Online: Which gun is better and why? GTA Online, a game in which the biggest gun usually rules the yard, requires players to be capable of handling powerful weapons early on. In order to remain alive, players will need a solid workload, no matter whether they participate in Freemode or one of the various opposing regimes or Deathmatches.

In keeping with the rest of the franchise, GTA The Internet does not compromise when it comes to reckless violence and excessive weapons. Guns come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors.

When it comes to large ammunition magazines, few rifles in GTA Online can compare to the Minigun or the Widower. There are many similarities between these two types of rifles . The goal of this article is to examine how the two differ and which one is better suited for games.

Note: The writer’s opinion is the sole basis of this article.

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Widower or Minigun in GTA Online?


GTA has been associated with the Minigun since its earliest days, and it’s pretty easy to see why. With each bullet, it makes a pretty big dent, and it’s a machine gun that can fire bullets faster than any other weapon in the game.

Almost all vehicles, armored or not, cannot resist Minigun’s anger as he destroys nearly everything he touches. A Minigun crash might be able to withstand some vehicles due to their armor, but if you’re on foot, that’s a death sentence.

At 3000 bullets per minute, it is the ultimate deadly weapon. Additionally, the lack of a rechargeable battery makes it very dangerous. The gun is limited to a maximum number of rounds (9999) instead of reloading if player stats are maximized.

The biggest disadvantage of Minigun is that it makes its user extremely vulnerable.   As soon as a player equips a minigun in GTA Online, they are no longer able to sprint, jump, or roll, making them easy targets.


Recharging is not necessary
Fire at high speed
A decent amount of damage


There will be no stealth rolls
The device is significantly slowed down


“Widower” is essentially a plasma variant of the Minigun with a similar rate of fire and ammunition capacity. Because the Minigun was a six-barrel machine gun, the Widower could have a lower rate of fire.

A Widowmaker is essentially a Minigun disguised in a space-themed color scheme. It uses the same type of ammunition without reloading and has a similar impact on enemy vehicles and enemies.

In the end, the biggest difference between the two is the Widowmaker’s cost of $ 499,000, compared to the Minigun’s cost of $ 47,000. The Widowmaker is unlocked early in GTA Online, whereas the latter is only available after level 120.


Fire at high speed
Vehicles and aircraft should be treated decently
The first item unlocked in the game


It’s very expensive
Low mobility (no roll or sprint)


The only difference between the two guns at GTA Online is their price and appearance. When a player wants to acquire a heavy weapon early in the game, it is better to wait until they are in the 120th position so that they can purchase the Minigun for $ 47,000.

It is a pretty reckless purchase to spend half a million on a Widowmaker at the beginning of a game,   For the same amount of money, players can purchase a wide range of different items within the game.

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