Why was Tyron Woodley cut from the UFC? Latest Review

Why was Tyron Woodley cut from the UFC? Latest Review

Why was Tyron Woodley cut from the UFC? After suffering his fourth consecutive loss in March, Tyron Woodley was removed from the UFC. His last trip was to UFC 260, where he was reported by Vincente Luque.

Wooodley’s four losses came against elite opposition, including the current light heavyweight champion. A major factor that led to Woodley’s release was the fact that he failed to win a single round against any of his four opponents.

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Tyron Woodley fell from the top

At the time of the January 2019 UFC events, Tyron Woodley was the welterweight champion, coming out on top against Darren Till, Demian May, Stephen Thompson, and Robbie Lawler.

The world fell apart for Tyron Woodley at UFC 235 when he attempted to defend his belt for the fifth time against Kamar Usman. The intense pressure, wrestling abilities, and technical skills used by Usman proved too much for Woodley, who lost by unanimous decision after five rounds.

In essence, Woodley’s loss to Usman set up his future adversaries to follow him. In the same way, both Gilbert Burns and Colby Covington continually dominated the former champion with a combination of pressure and wrestling.

Woodley won the fifth round of the TKO loss to Covington,   Despite being injured in Burns’ fight, he still managed to finish the fight with one broken rib.

After winning the UFC 260 main event, Woodley was parried by Vincente Luque. As Woodley displayed predictable tendencies in the cage, his opponents took advantage of this and developed an aggressive game plan.

Even though Woodley’s strategy initially worked, Luque eventually stunned Woodley. After D’Arce’s choke had been secured, Luque went on to win the bout, ultimately knocking out the former champion.

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Tyron Woodley’s transition to boxing

Tyron Woodley is now a free agent, so he can explore options outside of the UFC and MMA. A YouTuber boxer named Jake Paul announced he would be fighting him next.

Ben Askren, who was Woodley’s training partner, is a former UFC fighter and Jake Paul recently discovered him.   Despite being primarily a wrestler, Askren decided to have Paul fight in a boxing exhibition match.

Even though there were rumblings about rigging, Paul eventually knocked Askren out in the first round. Paula was awarded the victory by the referee by stopping in the first round when the former UFC fighter was deemed unable to continue. In his fight against Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley hopes to avenge his teammate and delight MMA fans.

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