Whats the easiest way to give yourself a bruise? Latest Review

Whats the easiest way to give yourself a bruise? Latest Review

What’s the easiest way to give yourself a bruise?

What’s the easiest way to give yourself a bruise?  In your opinion, what is the easiest way to bruise yourself? Do there exist any tips or tricks that can make the bruise appear more prominent? Are there any less painful methods of making the bruise appear more prominent?

As a matter of fact, I was simply curious, if anyone is wondering why I asked. It was not done in an attempt to gain attention. It wasn’t my intention of me to attract attention to myself by doing it.


It works for me when I’m drunk.

There was a time when I got drunk and had a great time, but the next morning I woke up covered in bruises. I know it is quite strange for me to do the things I do, but that is just how I roll.

I would like to know why you need this information. The only way you would get the information you need would be to bruise yourself really hard. If you bruise often, you would damage the blood vessels under your skin. Another way to damage your blood vessels would be to hit yourself against a door. Personally, I am prone to bruises and wish I wasn’t prone to bruises.

In order to create the bruise, you can pinch the area of the skin where you want it and then flick it after about 20 seconds to a minute. If you are hitting that area repeatedly with something hard, you could also cause a bruise. In spite of the fact that it hurts, I recommend you to wear makeup if you are not a fan of pain. makeup if you are not a fan of pain.

There are more likely to occur if YOU hit the object rather than grabbing the object and having it hit you… It is my shins that bruise the most, and I get them when I run into something or when someone kicks me. It is so easy for me to bruise, right now I have nine bruises on my legs and two bruises on my arms.

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Whats the easiest way to give yourself a bruise?
How can you give yourself a bruise the easiest?

On the stairs, falling and hitting your leg (or another body part) is pretty effective. My thighs get bruised pretty easily.

Aspirin should be taken after blood donation. Your arm is likely to bruise.

Remember that if you don’t beat yourself to death, you won’t bruise and that any minor injury can lead to a major injury.

It was a favorite pastime of mine to bruise myself with oranges. I would lacerate myself by putting four oranges inside a stocking. It is common for someone to be framed by fabricating evidence of a beating.

Using insulting language to a variety of people in different situations can lead to bruises in various ways.

It is nothing better than having yourself c*ed by a good friend or c*ing yourself on your own.

Depending on where you want your bruise to appear

Bruises result from blunt trauma that ruptures your skin’s surface blood vessels.

I won’t try to explain the reasons why you want a bruise since I have no idea why you want one.

I have a strange question for you – why would you want to bruise yourself?

Whatever the case, it depends on your location. Bruising seems to occur more often on fleshy areas rather than on the head. Perhaps it is caused by blood. You hit your knee with a brick.

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