What MOLLE Pouches Should I get?

What MOLLE Pouches Should I get?

When it comes to pouches, these are of different types and sizes. Today, we are going to explore everything about MOLLE pouches. If you want to know that which MOLLE pouches you should get or which pouches are good for you then keep reading here.

What are MOLLE Pouches?

Do you want to know what are MOLLE pouches? Well, MOLLE actually stands for modular lightweight load carrying equipment. There are actually many rows of heavy-duty nylon fabric pouch attachment letter system simply called PAL and pouch is usually stressed on backpack, vest or some other places. MOLLE pouches are extremely useful gadgets that can carry important things. You can use these pouches to carry handcuffs, grenades, ammunition, gas mask, pepper spray, etc. These pouches are actually attached with your body using straps, speed clips and Alice clips.

The Benefits of MOLLE Pouches:

Here, we will explore the benefits of MOLLE Pouches that how these are so useful:

  • Complete Backpack- A MOLLE pouches backpack is considered a complete backpack that you can use to carry all the required items along with you while going for a tour or even being an army person. In a MOLLE pouches backpack, you can store hundreds of big or small items while keeping all of them differentiated. You can find any of those items in a second from MOLLE pouches. If you want items readily accessible and neatly stored then you must use MOLLE pouches.
  • Security Reasons- if you are an army person then all the items in your backpack must be handy for example all the weapons and ammunitions. It is a must for an army person to have MOLLE Pouches bag at the backpack.

What you can store in MOLLE Pouches?

You might also be curious to know that what you can store in your MOLLE Pouches. So here you go:

  • Maps- if you are going to explore a new place then it is very important to keep the map of that place with you so that you will not be lost and even you be able to explore that area really well according to the given map. Although you can use Google Map as well on new device but in some areas, there is the signal problem and so having a physical map will be useful in those Times.
  • Snacks- if you are going on a tour, you need to put snacks in your bag. Usually people prefer to store dry snacks. in your MOLLE pouch, you can store different snacks that will remain fresh. For example, if you place chocolate or chips, they will stay in the same position and will not be broken.
  • Weapons- Being an army person, you need to have some weapons with you all the time. This is why, it is compulsory for army person to have MOLLE backpack especially if he is going on a tour. In your MOLLE pouches, you can adjust each and every piece of weapon properly so that these will be readily accessible.
  • Tool Kits- you can even adjust your tool Kits in your MOLLE pouches or even some important tools that you think are necessary for your work.

These are just a few benefits that we have highlighted. Besides that, there are many other benefits of using MOLLE pouches. These are available in different colours and sizes so you can opt for the one that is suitable for your needs.


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