What is half of 2 3/4 cups?

What is half of 2 3/4 cups?

What is half of 2 3/4 cups?


Two tablespoons plus one and 1/4 cups. 2 3/4 cups?

That would be 1 cup plus 3/8 cup.

3/8 of a cup equals 6 tablespoons, so there are 16 tablespoons in a cup

, so that’s 1 cup plus 6 tablespoons.

So, one cup plus two tablespoons or one and a quarter cups plus one cup and a quarter cups.

1 3/8 cups.

5 and 3/4 cups halved are 1 3/8 cups

2 3/4 = 11/4

1/2 of 11/4 = (5.5)/4 * 2/2 = 11/8 = 1 3/8

1 3/8 cups

11 oz.

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What is half of 2 3/4 cups?

One cup is 8 oz, so…

Two cups are 16 oz.

3/4 cup is 6 oz.

That totals 22 oz. Divide by two.. and… 11 oz.

It shows cups as well as ounces on the side of a Pyrex (or your favorite liquid measuring company brand) measuring cup.

0.5 of two/3’s is elementary by way of the fact that’s 2 a million/3’s … so 0.5 of two-thirds is one-third. Doubling is only 2×2, which is equivalent to 4-thirds, or one cup plus a further third cup. Because three does not divide smoothly through two, you might want to emphasize 3/4 in 0.5. Since this is true, you might want to particularize As a fraction, it will slice up firmly. In this case, if you employ eighths (it truly is just side by side by 2, remember that two by two equals one), you get 6/8, which is quite straightforward to divide. 0.5 of 6/8 is 3/8. We are always encouraged to ask for suggestions whenever we are saying something“a share of something” we are multiplying — so 0.5 of one is .5 x a million= .5 yet another occasion, 0.5 of ten is .5 x 10 = 5. Expressed as fractions, 0.5 of ten is a million/2 x 10 which turns into 10/2 or 5. In other words, we are multiplying while taking a fraction of a fraction. On your occasion, a million/2 of a million/2 is a million/2×1/2, which becomes a million/4 — a million/2 of three/4 is a million/2 x 3/4 = 3/8

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