Virtual Event DJ Will Gill

Virtual Event DJ Will Gill

A work-from-home notion has been getting stronger and stronger since 2020. Businesses are setting up online, and entertainers worldwide have started showcasing their talent and performances online. People are getting in more and more involved in watching and enjoying virtual shows instead of going out and attending a live show.


Just like that, if you are thinking of organizing your events to be streamed online, you probably need the right emcee. Meet DJ Will Gill. A well-renowned virtual DJ has been in this game for the last 20 years. He has successfully hosted many virtual events. He is the kind of person that makes people stand up from their chairs and cheers them up.


But organizing a corporate event is a bit different from regular ones. It requires a professional virtual DJ to handle it. Keeping this in mind, we have arranged a wide range of services dedicated to this cause. With our all-in-one virtual DJs set, you can set music, create your custom playlist, and other related features to ensure your event will be successful.


First thing first


For starters, first, you need to know how and where you can host your virtual event. You get any popular streaming site such as Zoom, Skype, or other streaming platforms. You can also host your virtual event by streaming it on social media platforms such as YouTube or Instagram.


60 Minutes time frame is Optimum


The overall length of the show has a significant impact on its overall success. For virtual events, the 60 minutes time frame is the optimum spot where your 90% event’s success can be determined. Understandably, formal occasions such as school parties can go on for hours straight, but corporate events need to be more precise with time and professionalism.


An hour-long time frame is a sweet spot to fully interact with the audience and convey your message while not letting them get bored. So stream your event in 60 minutes as it is proven to engage listeners, and you can easily cover all their questions and answer them in 60 minutes.


Try making Your Virtual Event Engaging


To ensure your event will be doing great, you must respect your audience’s feelings and try relating to them. You can achieve that by actively interacting with your listeners and giving them an incentive to let them express their thoughts and promptly respond to their comments.


Virtual DJs can introduce engaging activities for the listeners, such as letting them talk to you in a live show, playing a random game with the participants, or engaging them on a topic and getting their views on some popular subjects.


Sticking to your virtual event’s general outline, your show’s theme, your goal, and the current topic add professionalism, making your show more appealing. And people will relate to your performance, and it helps create an excellent impression of your event in people’s minds.




People admire punctuality. It reflects how professional you are with your work. To make sure your virtual event is more experienced. Make sure the event guests join in time. To achieve that, you must organize a tight schedule for the guests to enter.


Remember them, especially when your event is hours short of going live. Holding people for long will leave a negative impression, showing you care less for your audience.

You can also guide your guests about the topic to be better prepared for audience questions and handle live sessions smoothly.


If due, for any reason, guests couldn’t join in time, you can hold your audience by engaging them in some activities. You can talk to them or read their comments until an event guest arrives to join the virtual event.


Make sure to have Proper Equipment.


Hosting a corporate event requires professionalism. Check your equipment properly beforehand to see if it is working smoothly. If anything goes south, you also need proper backup support for the lighting and sound system.


A dedicated team to handle all that would be best for you. This will help you stay focused and interactive as you will be hosting without worries. Keeping this professionalism every time will help you grow your live listeners, making your show always appealing to the audience.




To make your event successful, a well-equipped virtual DJ is a solution. I have covered all the points on how to host a successful virtual event. I hope you find them helpful. Feel free to ask anything I missed in the comments below. I will be glad to answer your choirs.



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