Top 5 fastest planes in GTA Online in March 2022

Top 5 fastest planes in GTA Online in March 2022

Top 5 fastest planes in GTA Online in March 2022: Check out GTA Online’s five incredibly fast planes if you’re looking for speed.


The order of this list will be determined by Broughy’s method of speed estimation. As opposed to what some players might think, Broughy’s speed is different from the game’s speed. Since the first method has many inconsistencies and inaccuracies, There is a more reliable way to determine what is the fastest aircraft by comparing the two methods.


Note also that the information in this article is based solely on the Broughty speed method (where the actual aircraft speed is calculated by dividing the distance by time), and nothing else that can affect aircraft speed in GTA Online.   As a result, the five fastest planes and vehicles in GTA Online match each other.

The five fastest planes in GTA Online

# 5 – Howard NX-25

The Howard NX-25

At $ 1,296,750 ($ 975,000 at trade prices), the Howard NX-25 is the cheapest aircraft on this list. On this list, it is the only vehicle that is not armed, which is strictly a stunt plane.


Its exceptional take-off speed and fifth-fastest speed in the game make it a worthwhile investment for aircraft fans in GTA Online. In GTA Online, Howard NX-25 can reach speeds of 327.90 km/h.

# 4 – V-65 Hammer

V-65 Molotok

Though it looks like a classic airplane, the V-65 Molotok is still able to keep up with more modern aircraft in terms of speed. This makes it the fourth-fastest plane and vehicle in general, reaching speeds of 334.34 km/h of 207.75 mph. The cost is $ 4,788,000 ($ 3,600,000 at trade price).


If players go too fast, they can also use the air brakes on this plane to slow down quickly. As a side note, the V-65 Molotok can also land on helicopter platforms, which is more than most planes can do.

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# 3 – Hydra

The Hydra

It is interesting to note that the Hydra is the only aircraft on this list that didn’t appear in update 1.41 Smuggler’s Run. Heists, instead, marked its return in GTA San Andreas as a vehicle with a weapon that can dominate the sky (especially at the time it was released).


Having a top speed of 336.75 km/h in GTA Online, it costs only 3,990,000 US dollars (3,000,000 US dollars at the trade price). It is worth noting that players in GTA Online cannot sell Hydra after purchasing it.

# 2 – Lookup

The Rogue

Rogue has pretty much stolen its price (especially since its trade price is $1,200,000) with its low price of $ 1,596,000. The Howard NX-25 can reach 353.25 km / h to 219.50 km / h in GTA Online, making it a faster budget option than the Howard NX-25, but it’s also more expensive.

# 1 – Pyro

The Pyro

Pyro’s speed of 358.48 km / h makes his 225.75 km / h the fastest vehicle in all of GTA Online. Compared with the Rogue, this small increase in speed represents a significant change in performance , however, costs $4,455,500.


However, no other vehicle matches its top speed, which makes such an investment worthwhile if the player has plenty of money. Players in GTA Online may be able to use this vehicle effectively in some scenarios, due to the weapon being able to receive two Homing Launcher hits.

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