Top 4 Industrial Design Trends You Should Know

Top 4 Industrial Design Trends You Should Know

Industrial design is one such process which upgrades and brings along modifications as and when the market asks for it. It involves designing products and services and focuses on new design thinking for business innovation. The best industrial design agency in India, like the Future Factory, looks at industrial design as a strategic problem-solving process that leads to a better quality of life and enhanced customer experience through customized products and services. 

In simple terms, a good industrial design evolves with the current market trends and makes use of iterative thinking to come up with innovative solutions that set them apart from its competitors. 

In an era of digitalisation and modernisation, industrial designers must put their design thinking methodology into practice and stay at the forefront of every emerging technology and trend. Here are the top 4 industrial design trends that every industrial designer must look out for –

  • Emphasis on emotions – For any product design to succeed, it must evoke a specific sense of emotion from its target audience. With over 100 choices and similar products, consumers are often fickle before making a purchase decision. 

The only way to make a sale is by standing out and drawing attention by presenting clever designs that capture the attention and hearts of the customer and establish a personal connection. The product must have a usable, approachable design that fits the consumer’s personality to appeal to them. Every product must communicate a story through its design – whether it is convenient and streamlined, or too cute to be ignored. 

  • Energy efficient designs – Consumers are moving towards sustainable, energy-efficient designs that not only save the planet but also offer long-lasting experiences. Manufacturers in leading design thinking firms of India, like the Future Factory, are becoming more concerned with how much energy is used during production. 

Consumers these days are well-read and perform diligent product analysis before spending even a penny. Hence, to gain any traction with environmentally conscious consumers, industrial design companies must create designs with energy efficiency in mind.

  • Cloud-based product design – For many years, computer-aided design (CAD) was the foundation of new product design. Gradually, there has been a shift towards cloud-based product design because that offers many opportunities for industrial designers to collaborate on projects simultaneously from any device or browser. 

With industrial design companies adding cloud-based design, it will also help every member to be informed in real-time of any modifications, additions, or deletions to the design, promoting more teamwork, smoother operation, and quicker design development. 


  • Digital responsive design tools – Initially, industrial designers had very few design tools to help them in the design process. Now, with technological advancements happening rapidly, designers can access new and nifty tools which will make the process smoother and faster. 

Apart from digital responsive design tools, two other incredibly cutting-edge technologies with significant design implications are augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). This has tremendously assisted industrial design companies, like the Future Factory, to visualize how their product will be used by different consumers. 


The world of industrial design and product design continues to grow and innovate. Industrial designers must understand the user backwards and imply resources for product design research. Even the best product design agency in India indeed lies at the mercy of the constantly changing demands and expectations of consumers!

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