Things You Can Do with Your Credit Card

Advice about using credit cards covers a lot of territories. Even the word “use” could infer different ideas. One person’s insights may detail the specific uses of a credit card, while another may discuss using credit cards from a fiscally responsible perspective. Understanding points about both could be helpful to someone who wants to use their cards and do so properly.

Routine Purchases

Credit cards allow the account holder to make purchases at any enterprise that accepts credit cards. Paying for groceries or clothes is possible when carrying “plastic,” and some prefer using a credit card for these purchases. Perhaps the card comes with reward points. Even small purchases allow those points to add up.

Paying for Costly Retail Purchases

One benefit to credit cards is they eliminate the need to carry a lot of cash when shopping. For example, retail purchases could be expensive, depending upon what someone buys. Anyone needing a new smartphone or computer may have to use a credit card. And while it might be best to pay balances off in full every month to save interest, paying a costly purchase over several months might be workable.

Covering Bills

Phone and utility bills come every month, and the same might be true about various insurance premiums. Perhaps setting up automatic payments with the various accounts will ensure nothing ends up being late.

Cash Advances

Not everyone likes to borrow money, but sometimes borrowing is the only way to access cash. For example, a credit card could allow for cash advances. Anyone with access to an ATM and knows their card’s PIN could withdraw funds when needed.

Sending Money with a Credit Card

Sending money to someone else is possible by using a money transfer service. The traditional strategy of going to a brick-and-mortar location and facilitating the transfer with cash in person remains an option, but it can be cumbersome. Linking a credit card to an online account or app is another method and likely a more convenient one. SoFi notes anyone using a transfer service to send money from credit card accounts should expect to pay a fee.

Using the Card within Your Means

All the many uses for credit cards contribute to their value. In many ways, credit cards provide a catch-all way to make payments and transfer money. While such benefits can prove helpful, account holders shouldn’t lose sight of an essential fact: any funds drawn from a credit card are borrowed. Those who borrow too much might find themselves buried in costly debt and suffer all the problems with such obligations. Anyone who borrows too much and cannot pay may find bankruptcy unavoidable.

Pay On Time and More Than The Minimum

Paying back the balances owed on time could avoid problems with debt collections, low credit scores, and more. For example, paying more than the minimum monthly amount could reduce costs since interest accrues on a lower balance.


Several ways to use a credit card include accessing the card for cash advances, money transfers, and various purchases. No matter how someone uses a credit card, it is essential to pay the funds back and only borrow within one’s means.


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