Things that you need to keep in mind before you embark on a journey to purchase a smartwatch

Things that you need to keep in mind before you embark on a journey to purchase a smartwatch

If you do not own a smartwatch and are planning to own one, it is difficult to decide which one to purchase. With so many players out in the market the task becomes difficult to choose one. But the key is to narrow down the options and choose one based on certain parameters. In this modern era Smartwatches is one of the sought-out commodities. In modern times there are high quality smartwatches to choose from and a few of the players have gone on to put themselves at the forefront.

Though still people wonder why the smartwatches are a popular alternative, in comparison to a traditional watch. There is a strong possibility that you are reading this guide since you are about to purchase a smartwatch. Hence due to popular demand all the type of smartwatches in the market are not of the same type. Each one of them does have their own set of features. So, it is necessary to have an idea about the right type of feature that you are looking when you are about to purchase a smartwatch.


With some prominent brands entering the market in this wearable industry, a user is bound to have a lot of options than before. In the purchase of smartphone watches the display aspect has gone on to become of paramount importance. Though in some of the popular brands, OLED displays is a common feature. Coming to the range of mid -range watches LED screens turn out to be a common feature. You can also come across an OLED design which is a lot better than LED screen. Though LCD batteries are known to provide a better display in comparison to AMOLED or OLED they turn out to be power efficient, and better readability features are provided at both the indoor and outdoor frontiers.

OS along with app selection

Before you start off with the process of app selection, you have to decide which OS that you are looking for. An example is if you own an iPhone that is operational on IOS, then you need to be choosing a smartwatch that provides best compatibility features emerging with the Apple series. If you are owning an Android smartphone, then you could choose any type of smartwatch except the Apple watch as it is compatible with Android.

Smartwatch may turn out to be a small device, but it has the capacity for hundreds of apps to be operational on it. There is certain type of apps that are customized to be running on smartphone tablets. Apple watch is known to support numerous apps. Even Google has operating OS that goes on to support numerous apps dedicated for smartwatches. Hence it is better that you purchase a watch that goes on to provide support for many of the apps that you are using every day.

But it is strongly voiced that you purchase a smartwatch that is being powered by Google OS, if you end up owning an Android smartphone and if you are owning an iPhone, it is better to opt for an Apple watch. Such a set up is expected to provide maximum flexibility with minimum number of hiccups.

Fitness tracking

One of the main reasons why people turn to smartwatches is activity tracking. It happens to be the all-purpose smartwatch that would track down your first steps, workouts, calories and most of the modern versions tends to have a heart monitor as well. Some of the smartphone manufacturers, go on to include a GPS on board that would be really useful, for determining your outdoor or training walks. The swimmers are also looking for something water resistant though most of the smartwatches are available with an IP rating and it is possible to take them into a pool.

Smartwatches from certain type of companies are fitness oriented, in due course of time some of them could detect your oxygen levels too. But take note of the fact that the affordable versions of the watches are not going to include, features like oxygen and ECG tracking. So if you are keen to collect health data then it is an obvious fact that you have to pay premium charges to get it sorted.

Battery life

Battery life is one of the features that most of the user’s complaint about, though there has been a lot of improvement in this area of late. You may expect 2 days of battery life from brands like Apple. The watches are known to be using the Snapdragon processor that would allow you to get 5 days of a single charge. The other watches with fewer features may last up to 5 to 7 days, though it includes the fitness centric watches that are available in the market.

Most of the smartphones that are available in the market is known to encourage faster charging. Some of the ones can reach from 0 % to 43 % in a mere 10 minutes of charging.


The use of smartphones enables you to stay up to date with the communication trends in the market. Alerts in the form of missed calls and SMS messages are visible. This is of considerable benefit if you want to notify yourself about who is calling or messaging you without picking up the smartphone. Some type of watches will allow you to send out pre- set replies when it is the case of text alerts. For example, Apple allows you to exercise this feature where you can make a call to someone even when your phone is off.


The smartphones available in the market allows you to include features like NFC where you can pay for things without carrying your wallet. Just you need to save your credit or debit card information on the smartphone and you can hold the smartwatch to an NFC reader. Be aware that different watches are known to use different payment methods.


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