The Top 4 Prop Trading Firms That Can Generate Massive Revenue In 2022

The Top 4 Prop Trading Firms That Can Generate Massive Revenue In 2022

Working as a professional trader is a desirable career choice given the hundreds of billions of dollars that are exchanged each month globally. Prop trading might provide you with the highest profits if you’re really ambitious, yet it’s a competitive industry with a lot of turnover and volatility.

Finding the best prop trading firm that will assist you in finding those sweet gains is the next step if you have the skill to succeed as a prop trader. Getting the most value from your money and effort requires thorough research. Below are the top 5 prop trading firms.

See what each proprietary trading company has to offer by reading on!


  • Fidelcrest Prop Trading Firm

Fidelcrest, a Cyprus-based prop trading firm founded in 2018, is an excellent choice if you wish to work as a proprietary trader. It was founded by forex trading experts and is operated by them. Over 6,000 deals are now active with Fidelcrest. At the Forex Expo 2021, the company was named the Best Micro Forex in Europe.

Traders might get up to 90% of earnings, starting at an initial balance of $10,000 They also enjoy support through live chat, email, and tickets

Due to its commitment to identifying and training outstanding traders, Fidelcrest is the best prop trading firm. It does not provide retail broker accounts and is not a broker.

It’s a prop company looking for traders to exchange currencies, goods, cryptocurrencies, and other assets.

You must successfully pass the two-phase assessment procedure in order to become a Fidelcrest trader. There are two trading platforms available: Micro Trader and Pro Trader. You may trade an account balance ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 using Fidelcrest’s Micro program.

Ten days are allotted for trading, and the trader receives 80% of the profits. The maximum loss permitted is 10%. Choose one of the Micro Aggressive Swing accounts, which shorten the trading term to 5 days, if you want to boost your earnings to 90%.

In contrast, its professional prop trading program enables you to trade accounts between $150,000 and $100,000,000 with a maximum permitted loss of 10%. (20 percent with the aggressive account type). 80 percent of the profits are shared (90 percent with aggressive).

No matter whatever program you choose, you must pass the test and pay the participation cost. The cost will be returned to your bonus wallet by Fidelcrest.

When registering for the assessment procedure, you must use the promotional code “REFUND.” Only traders who don’t utilize a discount are eligible for refundable fees.


  • Topstep Trader

With the help of Topstep’s platform, beginners may start profiting with ease. Topstep provides a futures and FX trading strategy that is particularly user-friendly for new traders.

It keeps the first $10,000 in earnings, performs trading in foreign exchange and futures, represents 140+ Countries, and has funded 6,000+ Accounts. It has got 4.6 rating on Trustpilot

They also teach you a sound trading technique and some good trading practices, because they want to improve you as a trainer. They also reduce risk by providing you with backup choices like challenge resets and modest weekly loss restrictions.  As a result, newbies won’t have to be concerned about the expense of learning the ropes.

They provide coaching, either in the form of private teaching or live group sessions, in addition to funding. It is strongly advised that you use these resources if you want to gamble with their money in order to maximize your chances of success.

Experience level determines the levels of purchasing power. For those who are just starting off, $50k to $100k would suffice. After gaining sufficient experience, you may earn up to $500k in future buying power. Keep in mind that higher payment levels have correspondingly larger profit objectives and loss restrictions.

The professionals at Topstep will instruct you on how to reduce risk, create fresh tactics, and continuously make money. They want you to work with them and get solid business acumen.

It’s a platform for MetaTrader4. The MT4 platform is used for every transaction. By doing this, you may access robust trading software that is compatible with mobile and tablet devices for free.

Topstep often makes sales announcements for its Trading Combine. These may significantly reduce monthly prices, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of one whenever it presents itself.


  • My Forex Funds Prop Trading Firm

Compared to other prop businesses, My Forex Funds gives you a lot more freedom and flexibility. If you have enough experience, you may bypass the queue while being considered for high-volume trading programs.

A 2-phase examination is an initial step for those who are interested in this prop trading firm. Each phase must be finished in 30 days and the corresponding 8 percent and 5 percent profit goals must be met.

The good news is that those who are making money but are not on schedule may be eligible for a free extension. If you don’t achieve your objectives on the first attempt, you also have access to infinite free retakes.

You can sign up for plans ranging from $10,000 to $200,000. Each of them has a unique beginning and total drawdown that represents the associated expenses. In contrast to some of the other courses on this list, all registration expenses are recovered following completion, and there are no ongoing costs.

You don’t have to pay anything monthly. You get a maximum Profit Split of 85% you enjoy no-cost retakes and unlimited Trading. Retakes for Lower Market Targets If you fail the assessment task at My Forex Funds the first time, you may try again.

The best part is that there are no trading limitations imposed on this website. They just request that you remain consistent and concentrate on risk management.

Users of this site will mostly be working alone. Less overall assistance equals more flexibility while trading.


  • FTMO Prop Trading Firm

The most likable part about FTMO is that their profit shares heavily benefit you instead of the business. This may make generating revenue simpler, which needs to be alluring enough to keep you going through the verification procedure.

You may trade any commodity that interests you with FTMO, including equities, bonds, cryptocurrencies, forex, and more. If you desire a varied portfolio, this makes for a tempting choice, but their huge profit splits make them even more alluring altogether.

Anyone who has been authenticated by this prop trading firm is eligible to receive up to 90% of the earnings, with FTMO covering the losses.

All visitors who are interested in this website must finish their FTMO challenge and become verified. You must do this by making at least $1,000 during a 30-day trading period. You then have to finish a 60-day verification procedure. You cannot become a certified FTMO trader before completing this step.

FTMO offers a limited-time, cost-free trial of its service. You may do this to obtain a sense of how they operate prior to signing up.

Unlike other businesses, FTMO allows you to get up to 90% of the profits. The industry average is 70%, therefore this is substantially higher.

Verification is challenging for FTMO and is significantly more difficult than for their rivals. When enrolling individuals, they want to be certain they have the finest of the finest.


Frequently asked questions

Q: What does proprietary trading mean?

When a financial institution or commercial bank engages in proprietary trading, they invest for direct market gain as opposed to making commission-based trades on behalf of customers. This kind of trading activity sometimes referred to as “prop trading,” takes place when a financial institution decides to make money from market activity rather than thin-margin fees received via client trading activity. The trading of stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, and other financial instruments can all be a part of proprietary trading.

Proprietary trading is a strategy used by financial institutions or commercial banks, that hope to get a competitive edge that will allow them to outperform index investing, bond yield appreciation, and other investment strategies in terms of yearly return.


Q: Is prop trading fraudulent?

It is entirely legal. Making money as a prop trader might vary greatly depending on the market, but it is quite achievable. Successful traders may pass a test, put money into a prop business, and divide the profits. Do your research before joining any prop trading firm, however, since some of them make it tougher for its traders to be successful than others.


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