The Negative Effect Of Extreme Fashion

The Negative Effect Of Extreme Fashion

Everybody wants to go out wearing a perfect dress, with a perfect fragrance like coco chanel perfume. Who does not loves to fit all the time? But in these perfect looks, we are trapped in fast fashion. And fast fashion offers us addiction. 

Wearing new clothes is special for everyone. But often it becomes an addiction. Whenever a new design comes to a store, one has to buy it. Moreover, some people bought all colors of the latest design. It is the addiction. And it is very tough to overcome it. 

Spending Much Money On Latest Trends-

Everyone knows that fashion addicts are, spent too much money on the latest trends. Due to this addiction, they never stopped to spend money from their wallets. They love to buy new clothes than saving for the future. Buying new clothes dazzled their eye and they never think about investing in the future. They prefer embellishing themselves. They thought it is the best thing to do, as it is self-earned money. 

However, in this such a cruel time, investment in the right place for future is the great. But extra expenditure on a trendy design just works like a fool. Moreover, people are accepting that without bothering.

Waste Of Cloths-

 A  person who spent too much on clothing, and purchased new dresses regularly also threw the old dresses very casually. Among many dresses, some of the clothes are used for one time. Even some dresses are just bought to be new and never used again. 

Mostly rich kids are doing these types of shopping. Most of cases the clothes are goes dumped as waste. And very rare cases go to charity.


As the day passed everything changed. New thinking, new vibes come. But if we look carefully, the youth became very judgemental. Especially the youth from the wealthy class and lifestyle are more engaged in this habit. At every moment they started to judge people according to clothes and their fashion. Moreover, the victims are silent behavior humans and their confidence level goes down. It is also regarded as one kind of bullying. Often the students started gossiping about their friend’s other dress up and looks. Although they do have not common sense everyone has the right to choice of their own style.

Body Shaming Is A Mental Issue-

The young generation is very much admired and addicted to public celebrity. They are very much dependent on a fashion model. This young generation does not aware that, the model’s lifestyle is totally different from each other. They can not live their life. The young generation is not aware of this. They only want to like them and tried to copy their body shape, clothing, and postures. 

Effect on Environment-

As the massive clothing, they are buying from one side, they are garbaging it. It directly affects the environment. Moreover, in the production n time of garments, many chemical, masses, energy, and water was used.

Fake Image-

The young generation loves to enjoy life under ctrl+c and ctrl+v versions. But they are not aware of the reality of models and influencers. These models and influencers are fake. They want to show us, what we want to see. For instance, skinny body parts, charming beauty, and glossy and classy dresses. The young generation finds it very elegant. They are totally sunk into it. And they lost their own creativity.


This extreme fashion cause mental health. Ande they found lonely. And they sometimes take such serious steps that disrupt their own life. So, one should always take care of it. Anytime this young generation feels lonely and depressed, their parents should immediately contact health experts and social influencers like ines de ramon.


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