T20 World Cup 2021: The Best Fielder On Each Team

T20 World Cup 2021: The Best Fielder On Each Team

In modern Twenty20 cricket, fielding has become the most important part. Because the ball is hit and attacked so often, the people who guard the fences are always on their toes. Before, a full-stretch dive to keep a certain boundary was a luxury, but now it’s just what everyone does.

You can t20 world cup live match score online and also on tv to get latest updates. T20 cricket has changed the way fielders do their jobs to the point where they are now as good as the most flashy players on the field.

Since the ICC 2022 World T20 will be shortest format, let’s look at who will be the best fielder on each team.

  1. Australia- Glenn Maxwell

Australia’s team needs between four and six good fielders for a good day on the field. When Warner, Steve Smith, and Mitchell Starc’s arm, which throws like a missile, work together, they can protect any part of the park. Even Australia’s captain Finch can make some amazing catches in the ring, but Glenn Maxwell’s presence makes this skill even better.

Maxwell had played more than 300 T20 games and had caught 161 balls. He had also caught 35 balls in T20I games. Overall, the 32-year-old seems to be Australia’s best player in the major event. This is true whether he is batting, bowling, or fielding.

  1. India – Ravindra Jadeja

Team India has a good number of fielders who can watch all parts of the stadium carefully. The long-on and long-off areas are easy for captain Kohli, Hardik Pandya, and Rohit Sharma, who lives in the 30-yard circle and is an obstacle, to defend. Even regular batters like KL Rahul and Suryakumar Yadav could be asked to field anywhere, but Ravindra Jadeja is like a dart among them.

The all-rounder, who sometimes called the best fielder in the game, like a small, pointed rocket that can be fired at the ball in any direction. Because Jadeja has similar radar, it is usually found in places where the ground needs to be scanned quickly. So, when two batters go up against Jadeja’s rocket arm, they rarely try to score a two or a three.

In addition to all of this, the cricketer has the natural ability to take a catch at the stumps from any part of the field and a preference for taking full-stretch diving catches. Overall, in 262 T20 games, the Jadeja had caught more than 100 balls.

  1. Martin Guptill from New Zealand 

New Zealand is the only team that is always known for having good fielding skills. Brendon McCullum, who used to be the team’s best batter, showed this skill often, especially during his time as captain. In many ways, he also helped other players show the same skill. New Zealand players almost never drop a catch, because a run saved is the same as a run scored for them.

Martin Guptill was the only player who comes close to matching Martin Guptill’s skill at choosing the best fielder for the World Twenty20. Guptill has an uncanny knack for making strange things happen, like when he ran out MS Dhoni in the semi-final of the 2019 World Cup or when he takes catches while juggling at small home grounds.

The 34-year-old is also a fast fielder who can easily catch a ball that is just a few millimetres off the ground. Guptill has played in 277 T20 games and caught 165 balls. This makes him one of the best New Zealand T20 free agents.

  1. South Africa’s David Miller

There isn’t a single South African fielder in the group who isn’t good at what he does. Even their fast bowlers, like Rabada, Nortje, and Ngidi, are good fielders. Their captain, Temba Bavuma, is an excellent marksman inside the ring. David Miller’s name comes to mind when trying to think of a very special person.

Miller has shown over many years that he is one of the safest outfielders in the world when it comes to catching anything. He is very good at catching fish in the sky, and he is also very good at keeping the business ends very safe. Because of how well he can think ahead, he has also become the best at quickly keeping the perimeter safe. The southpaw has caught a total of 223 balls in close to 350 T20 games.

  1. Chris Jordan of Great Britain

After the disaster that was the 2015 World Cup, there is no doubt that England has gotten better at fielding as a whole. Morgan now has one of the safest sets of hands in the 30-yard circle, along with Ben Stokes, who guards the scoring ends with fierceness. Still, if there is anyone who gets the players more fired up and inspired, it is Chris Jordan.

Chris Jordan has completely rewritten the fielding guides for a fast bowler, even though modern pacers may become electric fielders. He is one of the few people who can catch a flying bird from far away, but he can’t do the same with a cricket ball. Jordan has the fearlessness of an outfielder, especially since he is a catcher who likes to dive in any way.

Even more impressively, he is known for making catches at the boundary ropes that even the best fielders wouldn’t try. In his 65 T20Is, the bowler has caught 36 balls, making him England’s most successful wicket-taker.

  1. West Indies – Kieron Pollard

With a core of the best T20 free agents, the West Indies are also one of the teams most likely to be able to defend their title. Maybe all of their best T20 players are coming back for the big event, which is a big boost for their fielding. Even though Dwayne Bravo and Fabian Allen, who are the best fielders, are on the team, Kieron Pollard is the safest fielder.

He has been a 10-foot-tall wall protecting the long-on and long-off zone for years. The big guy is great at making huge catches off the fence and sometimes makes amazing catches in the ring as well. Also, people who are really into cricket often say that Pollard makes hard catches look easy and relaxing.

On top of all that, the fibrous guy can throw a very accurate ball from anywhere on the pitch. Overall, the all-rounder has been caught and outed 311 times.

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