10 Days Tour Itinerary for Singapore Bali Travel in 2022

10 Days Tour Itinerary for Singapore Bali Travel in 2022

One is a thriving economic hub, and the other is a place of tranquil serenity. In one place, you will encounter the vividness of a contemporary metropolis and, in the other, the serenity of a vast, blue ocean. Yes, we’re discussing the Singapore Bali itinerary. Bali and Singapore easily rank among the top tourist destinations in South East Asia. Their variance is striking, yet their resemblance is remarkable. Come embark on a vacation to the magnificent islands with Singapore Bali packages. You will discover the stunning beaches of Bali on this trip. A few of you would want to be lost in the sea’s tranquillity. We have planned water activities and an excursion to a volcano for those who want adventure. Attend a traditional dance and tour Bali’s world-famous Hindu temples to get insight into Balinese culture. 

Now, let us check the Singapore Bali itinerary by Roaming Routes to help you plan your next vacation better.

Singapore Bali 10 Days Itinerary

Day 1: Bali Arrival

So day one begins with Bali’s arrival. Hence board your flight from your nearest airport or any metro city and reach Bali. Following that, the Roaming Routes representative would be available there to welcome you and greet you in traditional style. So after this, you will transfer towards the hotel wherein you will relax for the day, get good sleep and unwind in your accommodation. So this is about day one of your Singapore Bali travel.

Day 2: Kintamani & Ubud Tour + Lunch

On day two, we will explore many gorgeous locations on Bali Island, as mentioned on the package of Singapore Bali places. Beginning with Gunung Kawi, renowned for its holy springs and pools. Following Gunung Kawi is Kintamani. From Kintamani, we may see various gorgeous sights, like the semi-active volcano, the mysterious Mount Batur above Batur Lake, the Paddy Rice fields, the Rich agricultural fields, and the Balinese Crafts, among others. In addition, we will visit locations such as Ubud marketplace and Goa Gajah. 

Day 3: Spa Treatment & Sunset Dinner Cruise

After breakfast, prepare for Bali’s renowned two-hour “Spa Treatment” for your second day of Singapore Bali travel. A spa is an ideal way to enjoy a vacation; we will transport you to the most comfortable and elegant spa facility for body and mind rejuvenation. Have the traditional ginger tea accompanied by a foot bath, body massage with aromatic oil, body scrub, facial massage, and a beautiful Balinese floral bath. Additionally, you will receive acupressure and stress-relieving exercises.

Unwind at the hotel upon your return. So in the evening, you will move to Benoa Harbor to embark on a tropical cruise. Moreover, there is no better way to appreciate a lovely evening in Bali than with the Sunset dinner cruise offered by Bali Hai. Further, the live cabaret performance and Batak singers concluded with an international supper and a musical evening. Return to the hotel for the night. That’s all for the third d of Singapore Bali travel.

Day 4: Sangeh Monkey Forest & Tanah Lot Sunset Tour

The Tanah Lot Temple requires no description; it symbolizes Bali. Take a visit to Taman Ayun Temple with an admiration of the temple’s magnificent architecture and beautiful sunset. In addition to the cultural and historical monuments, we would explore the Sangeh Monkey Forest. That’s all for the fourth day of Singapore Bali travel.

Day 5: Singapore Arrival

So the next phase of your Singapore Bali holiday begins by travelling to Singapore. Following your breakfast, check out of the accommodation, and you will be heading to the airport and boarding your Singapore flight. Further, upon arrival in Singapore, you will get assistance towards your hotel from our team. You may choose to unwind, or shopping lovers may visit the adjacent Chinatown and Singapore City malls for some retail therapy. Make the most of the day and take a few unforgettable photos to cherish for a lifetime. Further, the rest of the evening is yours to do as you like.

Day 6 & 7: Singapore Cruise

The sixth and seventh days of Singapore Bali travel include a cruise ride. Check out of your accommodation after having a hearty breakfast. Further, The Marina Bay Cruise Port is where you’ll embark on your Singapore Cruise. Additionally, make use of first-rate amenities and let the soothing sound of the sea wash away your worries. Further, Enjoy the onboard activities. Onboard, there will be a lavish supper prepared for you. So that’s all. You would be enjoying both the days onboard the cruise. 

Day 8: Singapore Arrival & Night Safari

The evening will find you participating in the world-famous Singapore night safari on your eighth day of Singapore Bali travel. Further, observe wildlife as never before. So you will get the chance to become well acquainted with these exotic creatures. The administrators at the Singapore Zoo have taken extra care to replicate their natural ecosystems.

They have mimicked the African Savannah and the peaks of the Himalayas amid Singapore’s busy metropolis. The Zoo has a variety of animals. Further, we are certain that you will want to revisit this 40-minute trip. Yet there is so much to visit here. The Night Show’s Creatures will amuse you by introducing you to nocturnal creatures. This performance will last twenty minutes. The Singapore night safari is a thrilling adventure since it brings you to one of the globe’s few zoos with a forest environment.

Day 9: City Tour & Sentosa Island

So on your ninth day of the Singapore Bali travel, get ready for a city tour. So following your breakfast, you would be heading towards Garden By The Bay, followed by the Merlion Statue. Further, embark on a Sentosa Island Tour in the late afternoon. Sentosa Island is a piece of paradise with exciting experiences and activities. This amusement park is Singapore’s greatest draw, a themed destination, tropical retreat, Nature Park, and history centre all wrapped into one. Your trip includes:

  • A one-way cable car ride.
  • Entry to the SEA Aquarium.
  • Admissions to the Wings of Time exhibit.

In addition, you will witness the aquatic life, while the Dolphins will amaze you with their talents and movements.


So this is all about the Singapore Bali travel ten days itinerary. For the best packages at the best deals, contact Roaming Routes today.


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