Reasons why Streaming Platforms cannot be ignored

Reasons why Streaming Platforms cannot be ignored

Streaming platforms allow you to enjoy your favorite shows and movies anywhere, anytime with a few taps. Its accessibility is the primary reason for its popularity. So, here are some Reasons why Streaming Platforms cannot be ignored.

For enjoying streaming platforms, all you need is a fast and reliable internet connection and a supported device that can support apps and browsers.

There are a number of tempting advantages that streaming platforms provide that we simply cannot ignore. The top 5 reasons can be discussed below:

Ease of Access:

One of the primary justifications why streaming platforms cannot be ignored is the flexibility it provides their users. Users can access all its content anytime and from anywhere.

You can start watching a show on your computer or tv then continue watching it on your smartphone from the exact moment you stopped watching and that too seamlessly.

All that is required is an internet connection and a device that supports streaming and we can start streaming any content from any place, any time we want. Streaming Platforms work on computers, laptops, smart TVs, tablets, and smartphones.


Another important aspect to consider why it cannot be ignored is the customization and personalization it offers.

A few decades ago, we had to wait in anticipation for a much-awaited movie broadcast by television channels that required us to sit near a tv at an exact time. But today even children can stream anime on apps like the 9anime app.

You can give a name to your account and add your family or friends as members by choosing different avatars. You can open a profile with child lock so the content is always safe for children.

You also get recommendations based on the shows you watched and get notifications when they come up with new episodes and movies.

  • Subscription system: Most of the streaming platforms require you to buy a subscription which could be to unlock their content or enjoy ad-free streaming. You may purchase a subscription for days, weeks in a year, or not buy them at all, and start streaming ad-supported free websites. They provide you with flexible subscription plans which determine the quality of the content, and the number of screens that can simultaneously stream.
  • No-ad experience: One of the most annoying features of broadcast television was that there was no way to avoid interrupting advertisements while watching your favorite movies and shows. There are no ads on subscription-based streaming platforms and you can binge-watch your favorite series and movies without any interruption.
  • Multi-Screen Streaming: It allows multi-screen streaming with only one subscription. You can log in to multiple devices and start streaming different content from other devices.

It also came up with a new feature called party where you can send links to your friends or family to watch content together on separate screens. You can be anywhere in the world and your friend can simply join you in watching the same series or movie.

Some major streaming platforms with their high price subscription allow up to 5 devices to stream 4K UHD content.


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