Prevent your Cars musty smell

Prevent your Cars musty smell
Cars are very convenient for various purposes. People use cars for various uses like going to their office, or visiting some local place. Sometimes you have to travel for long journeys, in that case you love to travel by car with your family. Travelling is very glorious in all means. People love to travel by car due to its flexibility. The best thing about travelling in a car is getting to enjoy fantastic views of nature. While you travel via public transport, you have to be overwhelmed with the crowd and the hustle and bustle they bring with themselves is irritating. On the contrary, in your car you get to enjoy your drive to work without complaining about the loud noise, while humming on your favourite songs but still one thing that always disturbs your journey is the odour coming from the car. While sitting on your seat sometimes you feel a bad smell. You struggle a lot,the odour could be coming from the carpet or upholstery. Unlike, the odours coming from spills in your car can be very difficult to tolerate. Fresh Vibes is an online platform for odour remover that offers a curated line of products carefully examined and made through natural ingredients.

Coconut Charcoal Bags

Fresh Vibes is a brand owned by Muskan Kukreja. She discovered this product from her real experience while travelling.Fresh Vibes believe in making something real. Fresh Vibes Non- electric car air purifier is activated charcoal bags made from burned coconut shells. The question here arises. How can you make charcoal from coconut shells? Coconut charcoal bags are made from burning the shell of coconuts.These charcoal are very useful for removing odours. It is light in weight.These bags absorbĀ  the odours coming from your car’s equipment. Your air purifier for indoor driving is protected from bacteria, germs, Allergens, air-borne Chemicals, Toxins, Odour, micro-pollutants. This moisture absorber for cars prevents sneezing, allergy, headache, nausea and other major health issues like asthma and heart diseases.


The fresh Vibes charcoal non electric air purifier bags sturdy professional grade cloth that offers breathable and maximize air exchange. Its air exchange rate is 10+ times that of a traditional 2 layer design.The bag absorbs the bad smell and releases fresh air in the car. It also removes the odours coming from your air conditioner, left out food,smoke, vomit etc. It just cleans all the smell coming from any of them and makes your car completely fresh with coconut shells.

Advantages of using Fresh Vibes Charcoal Air Purifiers

  • Fresh Vibes car air purifier is non-electric.The bag is completely solar- powered. You don’t need any electricity to activate this bag. Simply put, you have to put this bag in the sunlight after a month to activate and work efficiently.
  • Fresh Vibes products are Non- harmful as they are made from pure ingredients. The coconut charcoal bag is healthy for the environment.
  • If you are going to purchase any product. The first that comes to your mind is the effective cost. The cost of this purifier is very reasonable.
Fresh Vibes always makes portable products. To carry it easily. The Purifier is very light in weight and can be carried anywhere you want.


The main motive of discovering this product was removing putrid smell. Fresh Vibes always supports natural ingredients so that it is not harmful for the environment. Nowadays there are so many products which have excessive amounts of chemicals which leads to various serious diseases. But in fresh Vibes it’s not like that. You need not to worry. Just you have to trust it and search for it. The best odor eliminator of fresh Vibes is user friendly. You don’t need to keep away from your children or old people because it’s already completely safe.


In this article you have come across the best odor eliminator product to remove musty smell from your car’s. The products are easily available online and all the descriptions related to the product are already mentioned on the e-commerce sites. You can order it on any of them. Price is also very reasonable and effective.


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