Pokemon GO: The best moveset for Salamence in 2022

Pokemon GO: The best moveset for Salamence in 2022

Pokemon GO: The best moveset for Salamence: I think Salamence is a force to be reckoned with regardless of the game style, whether it is the main series game or the Pokemon GO game.

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Pokemon GO’s offensive capabilities are not on par with the most powerful dragons found in the Ultra League, Master League, and Master League. A dominant dragon-type Pokemon, Salamence has 277 attack, which makes it stronger than

Dragonite, another dominant dragon-type Pokemon. As well as his strength, he also has 221 stamina, which will give him the ability to take quite a bit of damage without losing significant amounts of health. If you have Salamence as one of your coaches,   Moreover, you will be heading towards a higher number of victories in PvP as well.

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Pokemon GO: The best moveset for Salamence

Salamence should rely on Dragon Tail, who is probably the most powerful dragon in the game, as their main weapon. There are not many movesets with the same output damage as 15 plus STAB. Lastly, it is a decently fast move (1100ms), which is not typical of other fast moves in the game that do great damage. Furthermore, it charges 8.2 energies as well.

The best move that Salamence has is Outrage, but it requires a certain amount of EliteTM to use it. A move like Outrage is extremely powerful, meaning that it has 110 power points, requires only 50 energy to make it work, and is located in the moving pool of many strong dragon-type Pokemon, like Salamence. In terms of energy, given that his other charging moves are Fire Blast, Hydro Pump and Draco Meteor, Outrage represents the best cost-effective alternative out of those three.

There are of course some coaches who are not able to attend EliteTM events. As a result, the Draco Meteor would be an appropriate replacement for this situation. In spite of the fact that it is an extremely energy-intensive attack, it is still extremely destructive. Salamence can be used to go far in PvP, so if trainers are serious about using Salamence, it might be worth waiting to get an EliteTM. Indignation increases Salamence’s power, so with more Indignation, Salamence gains even more power.

Salamence’s other move is Fire Blast, which is another move that Salamence wants to learn. The worst option, as it may be, is that it allows Salamence to cope with Steel-type Pokemon, which can often replace Salamence’s Dragon attacks as a safe alternative. As a result of this move, Salamence could enjoy a favorable match-up against Pokemon Metagross as well as Magnezone.

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