Pokemon Go: How to beat Cliff in March 2022

Pokemon Go: How to beat Cliff in March 2022

Pokemon Go: How to beat Cliff in March: During Pokemon Go’s March month, Cliff’s Rocket GO’s team has renewed.


It’s hard to predict which rocket battles will be the hardest in Team GO. There is a possibility that sometimes they have decent type coverage, but they will usually have obvious weaknesses. This month, Cliff has many holes in his team, and there aren’t many people who can fill them.

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Which Pokemon should trainers use to beat Cliff in March?

Cliff must first be understood in order for coaches to counter him. In March, Cliff will use Grimmer as his leader.The following Pokemon may be used by Cliff:


Makeup is the lead

In second place: Venusaur, Machamp, or Crobat

In last place: Charizard, Arcanine, or Tyrant

Trainers who examine this team may immediately notice that Grimmer and any other Pokemon he might have had the same weakness: psychic types. Damage is dealt extremely effectively to poisonous types (Grimer, Crobat, and Venusaur) as well as combat types (Machamp).

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As a result, Cliff’s team will have been destroyed by two-thirds if Cliff’s coach has the mental strength of Alakazam or Espeon. Currently, there are only three types of Pokemon left – Charizard, Arcanine, and Tyranitar, which are both types of fire.

Water is the weakness of all three. In other words, A single Pokemon could handle Cliff’s entire team and even the entire team of Cliff could be defeated by a coach as well.

Many coaches should be able to access strong water types after the Ed Sheeran event. It was possible to start most water-type starters (Squirtle, Mudkip, Piplup, etc.).

Pokemon of the Psychic-type should also be provided to coaches who have played for at least a few months.   Psychics and ghosts were common during the season of mischief, which focused on hoops.

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Despite the fact that trainers could win this battle with two Pokemon, why should they bring two? In addition to being psychics, both Slowbro and Slowpoke are also aquatic creatures, so they can defeat Cliff on their own. Only the Tyrant, who can only be taken down with Crunch, can be handled by either, but Cliff can be destroyed by either.

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