List of Japanese names with dark meaning?

List of Japanese names with dark meaning?

List of Japanese names with dark meaning? In this regard, I would request, and I would appreciate very much, that you provide me with a list of Japanese names with dark or evil meanings, both for males and females.


Women’s names are following

Darkness (Yami)

The Black (Kuro)

Nightmare (Akumu)

and the Cold (Rin)

Blood (Chi)

Tiger (Tora)

New Moon (Mika)

Winter (Fuyu)

Yumi (Bow)

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List of names with dark meaning?

Man’s names are following

The Dragon (Ryuu)

and the Tiger (Torao)

are Yosha (Night Devil).

Darkness is Yoru.

Devil is Akuma.

Hotoke (Dead)n)

Evil is Zenaku

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These are the names that mean dark

List of Japanese names with dark meaning?

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What are some Japanese names with dark meanings?

I would appreciate a list of female and male names with dark/evil meanings.


– Dark Kura


female name that means killing

In Japanese, it means something like “colorful flower.” It combines the kanji for “color” and “flower.”


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