Interpersonal Communication: 4 Reasons why it can support Student Development

Interpersonal Communication: 4 Reasons why it can support Student Development

What is Interpersonal Communication?

The concept of interpersonal communication can be best described as a process where people are always exchanging ideas and information along with feelings and intent through the use of different messages and signals. Also it can be considered as a form of communication, this allows individuals to effectively express their ideas and exchange it with other people so that a better understanding can be created of the same.

It is important for every individual to learn about interpersonal communication as it highlights the ability to be sympathetic and empathetic and also show respect when it comes to the place of employment towards their peers, colleagues and superiors.

In simple terms and conditions it is that interpersonal skills are skills that are required to be used every day so that effective communication can be conducted with the people both as an individual and group. In the case of the educational landscape, it is the responsibility of every teacher to teach the skills of interpersonal communication to the students and allow them to learn more about how to implement it in the future.

There are several technologies present that will allow schools and colleges to implement the teaching of these skills to the students outside the existing curriculum. Technologies such as that of the admissions management systems, school management system, ERP, among others have already brought a great deal of efficiency to the educational landscape.

This has provided the educational landscape with an opportunity to think more on the teaching of additional skills to the students besides what they are being taught academically.

Teachers can effectively make use of the School Lms feature in Learning Management System software, to effectively implement the teaching of interpersonal communication to the students.

Moreover, besides teachers teaching these skills to the students in the schools and colleges, professionals can also learn about the importance of interpersonal skills through the help of online courses that are easily available on the web.

It is important to have better reasons present to the teachers that will highlight the importance of learning about interpersonal skills and understand how they can contribute to the overall development of an individual.

The following section highlights the major reasons as to why interpersonal communication is important and the positive impact it can bring on the learners.

Reasons why Interpersonal Communication is important

1. Empathy and Understanding

One of the first reasons for interpersonal communication is considered to be important is because it generates sympathy and understanding in the minds of individuals. Both of these qualities are considered to be essential for any individual as it allows them to work towards being a strong individual and having the ability to implement both logical understanding and critical decision making.

Empathy is considered to be an important quality as it allows an individual to not make incorrect and rash decisions and provide consideration to the people around them. Through the help of interpersonal skills thereby it will be possible to develop empathy and understanding and improve their personality.

2. Better Leaders

Having knowledge of interpersonal skills not only improves the ability of the individuals to be farsighted and have better understanding of facts before making a decision but also transform them into better leaders. 

The true quality of a leader is not just their ability to lead but also the ability to motivate and encourage others.  Having strong interpersonal skills thereby enables an individual to transform into a great leader and understand the importance that is present between providing motivation and encouragement and also have the ability to remain strong in the face of struggles.

3. Teamwork

Teamwork is one of the most important things that needs to be learnt by every individual as it allows them to not really learn how to work in a team but also learn how to provide respect to each individual and their capabilities.

Having knowledge of interpersonal skills will allow individuals to be more confident of their abilities but also at the same time learn to respect the capabilities of the other individuals. It will provide them with a better understanding of respecting each other and also working together in cooperation and collaboration to achieve some particular objectives to the best of their abilities.


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