How to install an electronic air flow control valve?

How to install an electronic air flow control valve?

Installing an electronic air flow control valve is easy but still, most people are unfamiliar with its working and operation. First, you must know that an electronic pressure regulator is a tool or device that can regulate the airflow in a pneumatic system. These regulators can maintain and control the speed of the actuator and other elements in the hydraulic system. You can use these flow control valves in different ways depending on the application. Now in the past mechanical valves had external control systems but today you can use digital control devices which are easier to manage by the user. 

Installation of the electronic air flow control valve

To install the digital pressure regulator you have to first depressurize the hydraulic system. This can be done by simply switching off the system pumps. You need to remove the power from the system pumps if they are connected to an electric supply. By simply pulling out the circuit breaker or removing the power connector you can start the depressurization process. 

Now you have to position the new electronic pressure control valve where you want to install it. You have to add the fittings on the electronic air flow control valve to the ends of the tubes or the pipes. Plugs should be capped properly so there are no chances of leakage. If you have never installed this kind of system before then you need to consult a hydraulic schematic. 

You need to be sure of the direction where you want air to flow from and through. Once you have capped or placed the tubes you just need to screw nuts from the hydraulic lines. This would fix the fittings to the control valve. You need to tighten the nuts according to the instructions of the manufacturer. This is how you can attach 

Check for leakage in the valves 

After you have completed the initial installation process you would have to check for leakages if there is any kind of air loss then it can be damaging to the valve for the hydraulic system. You have to check the level of air and refill it as per the requirements of the electronic air flow control valve

Proper installation is very much important for an electronic air pressure regulator device. You have to be careful about installation as you have to be about selecting the right valve. You need to make sure that you select the valve which is suitable for your application. Another important point that you need to know about the installation of electronic air regulator valves is that you need to install them in such a way that you can easily maintain them. You can complete the installation any way you want but the preferred style should be the one which is suggested by the manufacturer.

Make sure that you also check the temperature of the actuator at the time of installation so that there is no chance of losses or damages.


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