How Much Speed is Optimal for TV and Android Box?

How Much Speed is Optimal for TV and Android Box?

Everyone indeed wants a fast and reliable internet connection to avoid getting lags and delays while watching their favorite show on TV. 

Still, high-speed internet is a must-have these days. It is so because the IoT is expanding and getting better every day. So, to keep everything running smoothly and without delay, a consistently fast and stable connection is mandatory. 

However, today, we are addressing certain parts of the US, to be exact. Of course, the best and most affordable internet connection you can find is Spectrum internet ( Yet, other options are also available with AT&T, Spectrum, and T-mobile, to name a few. 

Moving on to today’s topic, streaming is also an internet-intensive activity. It is especially true if you have multiple users or if internet use is heavy. So, to binge-watch the entire season while downloading it, you need something robust and better. 

Speed Requirements According to Platform

Internet connection is one of those things that are never high enough, no matter what. Still, not everyone can afford a high-end fiber optics connection. But, a minimum speed is essential to get a buffer-free and lag-free experience. 

  • A basic recommended range for an optimum experience is:
  • For basic SD streaming – a 1.5 Mbps connection is a must.
  • For basic HD streaming – a 5 Mbps connection is ideal.
  • Finally, for full HD or ultra HD streaming – a 10 Mbps connection is necessary. 
  • However, for different streaming services, here are the minimum speed requirements.


These days, millions of people have a Netflix subscription, and almost everyone spends a better part of the day watching their favorite show. So, to have some smooth watch hours, the following are the recommended speeds for different quality.

  • To watch videos on Netflix in standard definition, you will need a broadband connection with 3 Mbps and above speed. 
  • For 1080p or high-definition quality, you will need a connection with 5 Mbps or above speeds.
  • For ultra-high definition or 4K resolution, you need a connection speed of 25 Mbps or above.

YouTube TV

Nowadays, whenever we need guidance, review, solution, working mechanism, or literally anything, we go to YouTube. It has an ever-growing audience that watches at least one video every day, and to be honest, it doesn’t stop at one. Moreover, people stream music, podcasts, reviews, and documentaries on YouTube as well. So, to watch YouTube videos without disruption, at least a 3 Mbps of connection speed is a must for 480p (low quality) viewing resolution. For higher resolutions, you will need more. 


HBO has many fan-favorite shows, such as Friends: The Reunion, House of the Dragon, and many many more. These and many other shows have millions of viewers, and if you are one of the enthusiasts, then you should know that the ideal speed to stream HBO Max is 5 Mbps. But above that is recommended. 

Disney Plus

Disney has a great collection of shows for children, teenagers, and adults. So, if you also have a few favorites on Disney+ and you want to stream those shows on the Android TV box, then you must know that you need at least 5 Mbps speed for HD resolution and 25 Mbps for ultra-high definition or 4K resolution content. 

Steps to Enhance Internet Speed on Android TV Box

If you have a decent connection but still facing issues with streaming content in good quality, then don’t worry; follow these tips to boost and stabilize your connection.

  • Restart your internet connection: plug out the cords, wait for a few minutes, and plug them back in. It will refresh the network and help improve performance.
  • If you have a low-end connection, don’t download and stream at the same time.
  • Clear the app cache, but don’t clear the data, as it will erase all the favorites and liked content. 
  • If it still troubles you, try changing the streaming service or using a different source.

If nothing works, your router may be too old to change, or maybe your connection is the real issue, and you need to upgrade your internet plan to something more robust. If you lack the budget, many service providers have the cheapest fiber internet (, but still perform well and well, like Hawaiian Telcom. You can contact them, ask for packages and sign up for the one most suitable to your needs. 

Final Takeaway

The last thing that I would like to add is that not every android TV box is the same, and one may have higher speeds while the other offers better RAM or H.265 decoding. So, it is always better to choose one that you find best for yourself.


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