How many twisted teas can get me drunk? 2022 Review

How many twisted teas can get me drunk? 2022 Review

How many twisted teas can get me drunk?

How many twisted teas can get me drunk? I can drink as many twisted teas as I like, but there is no limit to the amount?  On the evening of Halloween night, I had about four twisted teas and I was pretty hungover. I sipped on the first one and then drank the other three within 45 minutes or an hour after that. There was nothing else I ate other than some candy. About a few years ago, I drank nothing but a sip of a drink. I also weigh 150 pounds. Do those numbers seem light? Does twisted tea contain any alcohol?

What is the maximum number of twisted teas I can drink?

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It’s like having four beers at the same time. You have made some great suggestions as to how to resolve this issue. I enjoy drinking iced tea, and I enjoy it as much as possible…but only at home. My sole drinking of beer occurs when I’m out with the adult males, or when I’m having the adult males over for a cookout. In the evenings I watch television at home before going to sleep, If you would like to have a glass of wine or a cup of twisted tea, I will be happy to oblige.

Could you tell me what size you drank? There is only about 5% of alcohol in there, which means that you are a lightweight. The best part about it is that it also tastes great.

Adding some caffeinated beverages to four beers does not make any difference.


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