How Long Do Solar Battery Banks Last

How Long Do Solar Battery Banks Last

Earth receives an abundance of solar energy. No matter where you are residing, we all are getting an ample amount of sunlight. Utilizing solar power electronics and machinery would resolve the global warming issue. Solar energy is one of the energy sources that can fulfill the needs of the entire earth without burning natural resources. It is hundred percent environment-friendly and sustainable. The production runs flawlessly without creating any waste. The solar power bank has a solar panel to charge the associated batteries. The associated batteries are rechargeable several times.

Having a solar system installed on your home and you are dependent on it for electric demands. Many appliances work continuously, like computers and refrigerators. Having a battery as a backup for solar panels saves extra energy your solar system produces and aids in running these appliances without any resistance. The solar batteries can reserve the power the system later utilizes.

Lasting Period of Solar Batteries

The battery degradation process is natural and unstoppable with time. The solar battery lasts for five to fifteen years, and many aspects affect this. The expected life of a battery is divided into two parts that are:

  •          Useful life
  •         Warranted life

The useful life of the battery

The battery can be used several times before it reaches the end of its provided life. The battery’s end-time comes when it cannot store energy efficiently. It can work at a lower rate but cannot fulfill demands in this state.

Warranty of a battery

The warranty is provided by the manufacturing company for the given length of time at which it accurately performs under normal situation. The brand knows the warranty period and the solar battery you buy and can be ten to twenty years, with a most settled ten years from the installation date. The solar battery warranty period will end when the following conditions occur.  

  •   The date expires of warranty time
  •   Go above maximum cycle allocation
  •  The total amount of energy that passes through the battery is reached

Factors that Affect Life Expectancy

How frequent is cycled?

How much the battery is cycled helps in determining the lasting time. The cycle is actually when the battery is charged once and discharges. There is a shorter life span when more recharged. The time of processes also tells about the daily energy needs and the battery’s size—for instance, one family uses 19KWh per day. Relying on the size of the battery and day and night requirements, it may charge twice. For the longer life span of the battery, it is necessary to confirm the size of the battery according to needs.

Kind of Battery:

There are two kinds of batteries that are provided by the companies and are available in the market.

  •   Lithium-Ion
  •   Lead Acid

Both kinds are found in homes, but lithium-ion is becoming familiar because of its best cycle life and smaller physical size. They have a faster charge time and greater depth of discharge than lead-acid batteries. The lead-acid battery is often a preference for off-grid solar and storage. These are more inexpensive than lithium-ion batteries but have fewer cycles before reaching probable useful time.


For the best usage of the battery, make sure of its routine management. You should possess knowledge of this factor or learn it from the installer. The best practice makes the lifespan longer, which is beneficial for you.


The environment in which the battery is placed and the effect on its performance. The battery life expectancy is lowered if it operates at a higher temperature. Running at a cooler temperature can cause problems, particularly in lead-acid storage solutions. The solar company in Denver advises you to place the battery at moderate temperature for its best performance.

Do solar Batteries Have a Life Span Equal to Panels?

No, the solar batteries do not have an equal lifespan to panels. It is because the batteries cycle many times in their lifespan, reducing their efficiency. At the same time, commissions are charged like that; therefore the battery needs replies Battery Replacement.

How is Battery Replacement determined?

When the battery reaches its useful life and warranty time, these two are key signs for its replacement. However, there are signs:

  •   Battery capacity reduces and no longer meets requirements
  •   Energy leakage few-cycle life
  •   Battery failure

Get the Right Battery:

When buying a solar battery, it is essential to take the advice of trusted installers. The solar installer boulder gives you the best advice about the premium ones. They guide you through the right options according to your demands and budget. Focus on warranty and buy from the trusted manufacturers.

Final Note:

If you want to use solar batteries for a long time, then you should focus on the points mentioned above, which will help you determine your battery performance. Solar Panels are becoming the need of time, and batteries play an important role, so make sure to purchase the accurate one. 


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