Here’s How To Catch Up On The Latest Indian Cricket Match Highlights 2022!

Here’s How To Catch Up On The Latest Indian Cricket Match Highlights 2022!

Cricket is a widespread and popular game that is popular not only in India but all over the world. Missing the action is never fun. All your friends talk about nasty punches and brilliant catches, but the game is over, and you’re lost. Fans don’t want to miss a moment of action in this ever-busy world with many options. Watch highlights and key moments from the game to ensure you don’t miss a glimpse of the Indian team’s glory moments.

Platforms To Watch Indian Team’s Highlights And Moments

Many excellent websites offer the latest Indian cricket match highlights in 2022. This guide will look at some of the best sites to catch cricket highlights and more!

  • Disney+ Hotstar

Hotstar is an Indian streaming service operated by Disney on the Disney+ Network but owned by Star India. The service is integrated with Disney+ so users can enjoy all available Disney and Star India streaming content. 

The service was launched after the 2015 IPL season and the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup. Not only can you watch cricket video highlights from programs like The Dugout, IPL Countdown and Game Plan, but there is also live cricket streaming of all his IPL matches, including the IPL final. 

The service is available in several countries, such as the UK, but the focus has always been on India. Many of the cricket highlight videos are also available in Hindi. With live streaming available, Disney+ Hotstar is perfect for players who prefer online in-play betting. You must pay for a subscription to watch the latest Indian cricket match highlights 2022 and live matches on Disney+ Hotstar.

  • IPLT20

IPLT20 features fantastic cricket highlight videos, press conferences, interviews with players and coaches, Big 6 presentations, stunning innings, brilliant bowling performances, and many other exciting moments from the IPL match. 

The most obvious source for highlights of the IPL’s best cricket videos is his website for the Indian Premier League. IPLT20 hosts highlights from all his IPL matches each season. The cricket highlights video lasts 5-9 minutes and is in stunning 720p HD. Additionally, the archive dates back to 2012. As the home of the IPL, you’ll also have free access to all stats for each season.

  • ICC Cricket

The International Cricket Council is the governing body for world cricket, so it’s no surprise that its home page offers cricket highlight videos. The ICC video site is also pretty comprehensive and 100% free. 

Watch the latest cricket highlights from his annual matches and unique videos about critical milestones. The T20 match cricket highlights video is compressed to about 5-10 minutes, and the video is also available in Hindi. 

Viewers can filter videos by country, tournament, or a selection of unique categories such as Hall of Fame and Awards of the Decade. If you want to watch cricket videos for a short glimpse of the action, check out their old cricket highlights videos and videos featuring classic cricket moments. 


When Indian players are looking for more information about the national team, the first point of contact is often the Indian cricket governing board. His website on BCCI TV offers free cricket highlight videos by Indian men’s and women’s teams. However, we cover all types of cricket, including T20I, Test, and ODI matches, although you won’t find match highlights outside India.

BCCI only started uploading in 2015 but has much-archived content. For example, looking back at 2015, you’ll see highlights from the 2007 test match. Press conferences where players and coaches reflect on their latest games can also be held here. The interface is fast and responsive, with a menu that takes you straight to Indian cricket stats. Just click the button on the top left of the screen to switch the language to Hindi.

  • ESPNCricinfo

While cricket highlights videos are a little lighter on this platform, ESPNcricinfo’s videos make up for it with analysis videos, press conferences, and free match previews. Analytical videos show highlights from previous games and usually focus on a specific player or team. 

Tons of IPL video content is added daily, and Hindi analysis is also available. ESPNcricinfo videos are divided into shows such as T20 Time Out, ODIs, test cricket, and other tournaments. This channel is dedicated to the latest development in in-game analysis videos and match previews. 

The site layout is a bit dated but makes up for it with great content. Plus, the stats are so extensive that hardcore Indian fans could be the perfect partner of this platform.

How To Find More Highlights

If you can’t find the latest Indian cricket match highlights 2022 on any of the sites, don’t worry. What you are looking for may still be found somewhere else. There are more options.

  • Youtube

YouTube is a real treasure trove of cricket highlights. Whether it’s his latest IPL recap or the games of yesteryear, YouTube is nothing but content. Not just cricket video highlights. You will also find many match predictions, expert insights, and cricket betting tips. 

Some of the largest providers of cricket insights, such as CricInfo, StarSportsOfficial, and ICC, have YouTube accounts that regularly post cricket highlight videos. You can also check out local amateur cricket highlights if you dig deep enough online. 

In addition, you can find many YouTubers offering free cricket betting tips and predictions. There’s also a handy YouTube app for iOS and Android that you can add to your home screen alongside your favorite cricket app.

  • Twitter

Social media platforms like Twitter are ideal if you’re looking for fast cricket highlight videos like great catches and explosive overs during the IPL. Follow prominent personalities, broadcasters, and favorite teams for regular highlights. Honorable mentions include CricHighVidz and his Skycricket.

  • Google

If all else fails, try googling. Simply search for the specific game, moment, or tournament you’re looking for. Filter your search for videos. If the first page contains the most popular results, you may find what you’re looking for on another page. Turn back a few pages.

Wrapping Up

Life gets in the way, and you can’t watch your favorite cricket match live. Luckily, many websites offer cricket highlight videos of almost every professional cricket match. Indian players should have no problem rewatching the latest action. There are several websites sharing cricket highlights with Indian users. Some of the sites on this list cater specifically to Indians – plenty of websites offer the latest Indian cricket match highlights 2022 for free. However, if you want something more like Live streaming of cricket matches. You probably have to pay a subscription fee.

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