Emagine Entertainment, Inc., one of the nation’s leading innovators in motion picture exhibition, is pleased to unveil the largest movie screen in the State of Michigan, Emagine’s super Emax located exclusively at its Novi location. Emagine Novi’s overall refurbishing  has been done project and the theatre is soon expected to welcome its admirer and this will set high bars in the theatre history  and comfort of guests while they enjoy their flawless movie experience.

The grand opening celebration of Emagine’s Super EMAX recently took place on Friday, December 15th with its first showing of the most anticipated movie of the year, STAR WARS.

Is Emagine Novi having the largest screen in Michigan?

Yes! you heard it right Emagine Novi plans to have the largest movie screen in Michigan by spring 2017.A $4.5-million renovation plan for the location was announced Monday by Emagine Entertainment, which has 18 locations in Michigan, Illinois and Minnesota. Emagine novi when first opened in 2002 it had its first theatre in Detroit .It is transformed into a more spacious area the detailing’s had been done to provide ultimate comfort for people when they come after a exhausted day The update will introduce  seating as its a vital part with upgraded seating space and rocking seats with adjustable reclining chair more snacking options are available from restroom to longe every spot has been renovated.

The idea behind this is to merge 18 huge spaced auditoriums into one biggest space so in order for their Novi folks to call it the michigan’s biggest movie screen which is known to be 86m wide and 50 feet high .As far as the visuals are concerned the new space is believed to have the most exotic ,liveliest screening the newly opened auditorium will   The new, expanded auditorium will feature laser projection with 4K imagery and a Dolby Atoms immersive sound system. 

The cost is expected to be more than $500,000 for that one state-of-the-art auditorium. The Giant Screen Experience at the Henry Ford, which was formerly an IMAX-branded theatre, previously held the title of largest screen in the state, at 84 feet wide and 62 feet tall. The Emagine company is now creating fuss with its competitors to cross the benchmark they have set and as seen  earlier this year, IMAX  switched to a digital-projection system and a screen with the somewhat smaller dimensions of 80 feet by 44 feet.


Since the pandemic cinemas all over have sanctions to open emagine novi theatre a drive through was introduced by hosting a creative drive-in at Fountain Walk to show the beloved 1978 classic, “Superman: The Movie” on Friday, Aug. 7.

The special movie starts at 9:30 p.m. but gates will open at 7 p.m. and will be hosted by FOX 2’s Jay Towers. He’ll be giving away unique masks to all attendees, courtesy of Michigan based company in honor of safety of people and as a token of appreciation  to make personalized masks earlier this year and have been feature on FOX2 

Jay Towers anchors FOX 2 News Morning plus hosts Jay Towers in the Morning” on 100.3 WNIC, founder of Jay’s Juniors and hosts the “Caped Wonder Superman” Podcast with Jim Bowers on iHeartRadio, which is dedicated to The Christopher Reeve Superman Legacy. 

As he has his beloved fans rooting for him just to see glance 

Tickets are $30 per carload and you have to buy tickets ahead of time at www. Emagine-Entertainment. com or through the Emagine novi app. Tickets are limited as it will only hold 175 vehicles – no more than 6 people per car. Due to covid restrictions and for people ease to see ahead of them.

The screen will be a 21’X50’ with DCP projection and sound that will broadcast through an FM frequency to all car radios. Cars will be socially distanced and parked in the order they arrive, with larger trucks or SUVs parked in the back rows. This mindfulness is so that people go home with all happiness.

The Emagine  food cart will be open for carry-out or car delivery concessions, including popcorn, nachos, chicken tenders, candy, cotton candy, pretzel bites, cookie dough, and more for people to have a perfect chill night as food is important during a movie.

 Emagine Novi and its features 

The auditorium opening caps a nearly $5-million restoration project at the multiplex, which is at the Fountain Walk Shopping Centre on West 12 Mile Road. This all is planned so that people can have lovely time watching their favorite stars on big TV although the screen is yet to be revealed  The updates also include a larger lobby and a cafeteria-style concession counter that includes a pizza oven, quesadilla bar and self-serve soda fountain. That new food service has been operational since late summer. All these for negotiable prices. Although the prices for tickets are 11$ for matinees and 15$ after shows of 6PM  the emagine novi other cinemas are also said to broadcast the movie.

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