Does Mandibuzz have any uses in Pokemon GO? Latest Review

Does Mandibuzz have any uses in Pokemon GO? Latest Review

Does Mandibuzz have any uses in Pokemon GO? Mandibuzz, an analogy of Umbreon in Pokemon GO, may have lesser stats for attacking, but it can be a very good defenser, especially in PvP fight leagues such as those in the Grand or Ultra leagues.

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In PvE situations, Mandibuzz still has capability to attack, but not as effectively as some other Dark/Flying Pokemon of the same type as Yveltal.

In many circles, “Flying Umbreon” is referred to because of his best 35 maximum endurance and above-average defense. The defense-oriented Eeveelution in Pokemon GO can easily be compared to Mandibuzz in PvP.

Pokemon GO: The movement corresponds to Mandibuz

The attack skills of Mandibuzz are not ideal for PvE, but he can still defend well in the gym as a defender.

Mandibuzz can take advantage of the popularity of Pokemon and combat-type moves among gym attackers. By using moves like Air Slash and Aerial Ace to get a similar attack bonus (STAB) and to also fight Pokemon combat types with super-effective damage, it can optimize its performance.

I found Mandibuzz was not perfect, but it worked well in some PvE situations . The great and ultra leagues in Pokemon GO are where this Pokemon shines, so it’s a much more desirable Pokemon to use there.

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Mandibuzz can oscillate between greater damage with Snarl and greater energy production with Air Slash using movements such as Snarl, Foul Play, Aerial Ace, and Air Slash.

Mandibuzz’s first PvP move is Foul Play, but Aerial Ace is a great help when battling Pokemon like Fighting, Grass or Bug since flying moves can have an advantage. Shadow Ball is the only move that Mandibuz can learn that does not provide STAB, resulting in solid damage despite low attack chances.

Since Mandibuzz’s defense and endurance in Pokemon GO make him a war of attrition against his opponents,   His attack statistics may not be high.


Mandibuzz has the same kind of stamina and ability to withstand beatings as Umbreon, and this makes it difficult for it’s opponents to catch him, either taking advantage of his type’s weakness or bringing up another Pokemon who can surpass him.

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It’s not an easy thing to do in Pokemon GO Ultra League.


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