Are electric skateboard safe? Must know safety tips!

Are electric skateboard safe? Must know safety tips!

On the physical level , skating is an aerobic exercise, which provides cardiovascular benefits and helps control weight ”, helping to combat obesity , he points out. It also affects muscle tone -many muscles move with it- and the bones.

It also helps improve coordination and balance. According to the expert, “as it is an activity with low joint impact -unlike others. Such as running- it also provides benefits for people with joint problems”.

In the emotional sphere, it reduces stress and anxiety levels and, in the social sphere, when carried out outdoors, it allows you to stay in contact with other people.  . “A point in favor of skating is that it makes it possible to move around cities while respecting the environment  electric skateboard makes it more enjoyable.

Most frequent injuries

As far as injuries are concerned, that in in-line skating “ the majority are minor : bruises and some superficial wound or chafing”. However, there is a certain prevalence of more serious injuries, such as fractures and sprains 

Knee and tibia and fibula injuries would be placed in the second place and, at a considerable distance, those of the ankle, which is held by the skating boot. “The elbow does not usually cause many injuries.”

Head injuries are , fortunately, not too frequent, but it is advisable to be especially careful with them because the consequences can be more serious.

The falls that give rise to these damages are produced fundamentally by the loss of balance and by the characteristics of the ground and to avoid them, it is advisable to have a good skating technique. The specialist offers the following guidelines to reduce falls:

1- Before skating for the first time, it is advisable to receive initiation classes from a qualified and experienced monitor , in order to have some basic notions. “Those who are most at risk of injury are beginners; experienced people have fewer injuries, but more seriously”, warns Moreno.

2- Use all the available protections, including the helmet . “There is increasing awareness, but the use of protection is still very low,” he laments.

3- Learn to brake and learn to fall .

4- Adapt the level of skating to the circumstances, which translates into ” do not skate in areas that exceed your level , do not take too many risks and be careful who you skate with”.

Essential protections

The recommended skating protections are the following:

  • Helmet  which is a little different from the bike helmet and covers more of the back of the neck because the most frequent falls in skating are backwards.
  • Wristbands 
  • Coderas 
  • knee pads

It is important that all these protections are the size of the skater and are designed to breathe.


Skateboard is enjoyable activity. We can do many things with it. Now electric skateboard makes it more interesting and exciting. If you are looking for more tips and information or you looking or high quality electric skateboards, electric scooters, longboards visit our official website.


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