9 Tips to Help You Avoid Road Accidents

9 Tips to Help You Avoid Road Accidents

Most road accidents are preventable but some aren’t, whether you have many years of experience behind the wheel or not. Approximately 1.3 million road traffic crashes occur every year, according to the U.N. Although 20 and 50 million casualties suffer non-fatal injuries, many more are left with a disability or life-threatening conditions as a result of their injury.

Traffic injuries can cause considerable losses to the victims, their families, and the nations. The losses involve property damage and bodily injuries. Victims of car accidents should be compensated for their loss and that’s why most casualties of such accidents in Anchorage consult and hire a car accident attorney in Anchorage when pursuing an injury claim. But how do you avoid or reduce road accidents?

9 Simple Ways to Avoid Road Accidents

Various studies show that road accidents are sometimes avoidable and various actions can help reduce the number of road crashes on our roads. Here are some of the ways to reduce road crashes.

  1. Being Keen

Whether you’re driving on a busy or not-so-busy road/are always watch out for blind spots by stopping, looking, and listening. Use your rearview and side mirrors to monitor what’s going on around you. For instance, you should slow down at winding bends particularly if you’re in unfamiliar areas, err on the side of caution and slow down.

  1. Watch for Traffic Rules Violators

When approaching a green light always look left and right.

Most accidents happen at traffic lights because due to a lack of discipline and patience. Violating the traffic lights is simply gambling with your life and such actions are risk factors for serious crashes and fatalities.

For peace of mind, motorists are always advised to use the three-second rule to avoid accidents. When driving, motorists are advised to pick non-moving objects, such as a tree, road signs, and others, along the road. Then, count to 3 in your head when the vehicle in front passes the object, before moving.

  1. Watch out for Children

Young children should always be accompanied by older loved ones when crossing the road. Unfortunately, sometimes kids will sneak and the guardian may fail to notice. That said, motorists are advised to always be attentive to their surroundings when driving in residential areas, schools, or places where young kids are likely to be found.

  1. Car Maintenance

Keeping your car in the right condition can help you avoid accidents. According to car experts, a full car service (for the engine) should be done after every twelve months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. However, you’ll need to do the following regularly:

  •         Check the braking every six months.
  •         Check engine oil levels regularly to avoid sudden stops and knocking of the engine;
  •         Checking the car tires’ pressure levels daily to avoid dangerous blowouts;
  •         Checking whether the rear and side mirrors are properly adjusted and are in the right working condition.
  1. Always Use the 12-Second Rule When Driving

The 12-second rule states that motorists should always scan the road (12 seconds before moving) for potential danger, obstacles, and risks.

  1. Avoid Over Speeding

Although speeding allows you to reach your destination in time, it can also reduce your reaction time in the event of an accident. In other words, speeding is a risk factor for fatal collisions, particularly during bad weather. When you over speed, you not only risk your life but also the life of other road users.

  1. Use the Indicators Appropriately

Suppose you’re driving and you decide to overtake the car in front because they indicate to take a right turn. Surprisingly, they take a left turn. This is a situation that plays out thousands of times and can be a risk factor for a car accident.

Some drivers just take a turn without warning other drivers. Even if you think you’re alone on the road, make a habit of using your indicators appropriately. When switching lanes, indicate several seconds before turning to give other drivers enough time to prepare and give you space to change lanes.

  1. Keep your Eyes on the Road

Most people go into autopilot when driving, but that may not be ideal if you intend to avoid accidents. The eyes should always be on the road when you’re driving, and in particular, looking past the vehicle ahead of you, looking at the sides and rearview mirrors, and more. When you keep your eyes on the road, you’ll be able to react promptly when risky situations occur.

  1. Avoid Driving at Night and in Bad Weather

Driving at night brings presents many dangers, such as reduced visibility, drunk drivers, fatigue, and more. Also, fog and snow increase the chances of being involved in a crash. That said, you should avoid driving at night and in bad weather.

Most road accidents are preventable and avoidable according to research. The tips discussed in this article can help motorists avoid road crashes.


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