5+5×5+5=? what’s the answer?

5+5×5+5=? what’s the answer?

5+5×5+5=? what’s the answer?  This 5+5×5+5=? just caught my eye on Facebook. It’s been 45 years since I took algebra, but it seemed to me that without parentheses, you just worked sequentially, which is why someone would think 55, just so Don up there knows how anyone could come up with that. Adding 5 to 5 equals 10, 10 x 5 equals 50, 50 + 5 equals 55. Math geniuses are often irritated by people who do not understand the meaning of tenses , such as “I wish someone could explain to me how your past tense thought the present tense was 55.” Have some compassion, Math Genius! haha…





A multiplication problem comes before a division problem, an addition problem, or a subtraction problem

What Is The Answer To 5


You have to use PEMDAS







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5+5×5+5=? what’s the answer?





you multiply 5×5 to get 25 then add 5 to get 30 then add the second 5 to get 35

10+5×5 = 5(2+5x)

its 35 remember PEMDAS P=Parentheses E=exponents M=multiplication D=Division A=Addition S=square

so multiplication comes first so you do 5×5=25 then addition 25+5+5=35

The answer is 35.

You should multiply first and then add in math.

So first you’d multiply 5 x 5 and get 25

then you are left with

5 + 25 +5 = 35

In math multiplication and division are done first then adding and subtracting in order unless there are in brackets to change that order which you don’t in your question.

Therefore, you multiply 5×5 to get 25 then add 5 to get 30 then add the second 5 to get 35, your answer.

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