5 Effective Tips to Reduce Headache

5 Effective Tips to Reduce Headache

Headache is among the common symptoms that people experience on daily basis, or even they can experience it more than once in a single day. The severity of headache always varies as it can be uncomfortable to unbearable and the severity can also disturb your daily life.

People face different types of headaches as tension reduce headache is the most common type that people usually face. However, these headaches are not very severe but cluster headaches are more painful than them and occur in clusters as the name shows. Additionally, a migraine is also a headache, and its severity ranges from mild to moderate.

According to the doctors from mamji hospital Karachi, several medications work wonders against any type of headache but some home remedies are also effective to reduce the severity of headaches.

Reduce Headache

Here are some effective tips to reduce headaches:

1- Drink Enough Water

If you remain hydrated throughout the day it reduces the risks of headache and the severity of any type of headache. Dehydration of reduced water or fluid consumption can be among the causes of headaches. Additionally, dehydration also contributes to how a person thinks or feels.

A study, that was published in the journal of Antioxidants, concluded that even light dehydration alters how people think and function. It can also worsen the symptoms of headaches. Drinking enough water or fluids may help a person to feel better in this situation. However, some studies also show cautious results.

In addition, a study also concluded in this regard that drinking water didn’t help how long people experience headaches. However, enough water consumption helped people feel better while experiencing this symptom.

You can adopt different habits to stay hydrated as you can carry a water bottle with your throughout the day, and you can take some sips after some time. In addition, you can also eat foods that are packed with water such as smoothies and fruits which will help you a lot in improving dehydration.

2- Magnesium

There are countless functions that the body performs if there is a healthy level of magnesium. The body can easily control nerve transmission and blood sugar with the help of magnesium.

Additionally, there is also good news that magnesium is safe for most people and is considered an effective remedy for reduce headaches. Evidence, especially medical, suggest that magnesium deficiency is common in patients who often experience migraine attacks. And people who have healthy levels of magnesium experience fewer risks of headaches or migraine attacks.

A study found that people who daily consumed at least 600 milligrams of magnesium experienced a reduction in the severity and frequency of headaches. However, consuming healthy amounts of magnesium from natural sources is a good option

If you consume magnesium supplements then you may experience digestive problems like diarrhea, even if you consume them with the doctor’s consent. Therefore, it would be best if take magnesium from natural sources or consume supplements in a smaller dose.

3- Avoid Foods that are High in Histamine

There is a chemical in the body that plays some essential roles in the body like in the nervous and digestive system, and this chemical is called histamine.

Some foods are full of histamines such as aged cheese and cured meats. In addition, smoked fish and fermented foods are also packed with this chemical. Some studies suggest that consuming histamine on a regular basis causes migraine in people who are sensitive to it. 

Some people can’t excrete the levels of histamine because several enzymes in their body are impaired that are responsible for breaking it down. If you are experiencing headaches then cutting histamine from your diet would be a good and effective option.

4- Try Some Herbal Tea

Herbal does not only provide you the required amount of water but you also get some natural compounds from it that contribute to good health.

For instance, if you consume ginger tea then it can help relieve reduce headaches/migraine. One study, conducted in 2013, found that ginger tea shows the effectiveness against migraine as some medications do.

In addition, boiled water with ginger would also be effective against these symptoms. Other teas that can be effective in this regard are chamomile, lavender, etc.

5- Essential Oils

There are a number of aromatic compounds from different plants are present in essential oils. These oils possess several health benefits and people mostly used them topically, although they can also be ingested.

When you experience reduce headache or any other symptom associated with it then peppermint or lavender oil would be effective. There would be a reduction in tension reduce headache if you apply the essential oil of peppermint to the temples.

In addition, when you inhale lavender oil or apply it to the upper lip then there would be relief in migraine pain and other symptoms associated with it.

The Bottom Line!

Reduce Headaches, and other symptoms associated with them, are troublesome for many people and disrupt their daily life. Therefore, you have to take measures to treat headaches.


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