5 Different Types of Cargo Trucks

5 Different Types of Cargo Trucks

Cargo trucks can be an excellent solution for your business. They’re flexible, efficient and easy to use. But what exactly is the difference between cargo trucks? How do they differ from one another? Let’s break down the differences between the five types of cargo trucks so that you can choose which one is right for your freight ship needs.

Curtain Side Trucks

Curtain side trucks are also roll-up trucks used to transport heavy equipment, machinery and other large items. Such vehicles are used for construction, mining and other industries that require the transportation of large items.

The curtain side truck is typically used when you have something too big for a standard van but not large enough to warrant using a flatbed truck.

Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed trucks are used to transport large, heavy items that don’t require a container. These trucks are typically used for transporting construction equipment, machinery, and other large items. In addition, the flatbed of the truck allows for easy loading and unloading of cargo.

As you might have guessed from the name, flatbed trucks don’t offer any protection or security for your cargo during transportation. So if you’re hauling something fragile or expensive (like an antique vase), it’s probably not safe to ship using one of these vehicles.

Chassis Trucks

A chassis truck is a tractor-trailer that carries another vehicle or object on its bed. The most common example is the semi-truck used to transport cargo across the country, but there are other types. Chassis trucks are also used to transport boats, cars and other large objects that can’t be moved by a standard truck or trailer.

It’s important to note that some chassis trucks—like the ones designed for carrying passengers—are called buses instead of trucks because they’re not designed primarily for hauling cargo as traditional cargo trucks do.

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Container Trucks

Container trucks are typically specialized to haul containers, which are large metal boxes that can be loaded with cargo.

This type of truck is often used for transporting cargo from ports to distribution centers and vice versa. Container trucks are the giant trucks in the world but can also be very efficient since they don’t have to carry extra space for loading and unloading.

Van Trucks

Van trucks are a type of light truck that can carry up to 8,500 pounds. Although vans are similar in size to passenger vehicles, they’re designated as trucks because they’re designed for commercial use. For example, van trucks may be used for deliveries or carrying large amounts of cargo in the bed. They come in several sizes and configurations, including step vans (the most common), low-roof vans and high-roof vans.

The last thing to remember when buying a cargo truck is that there are no right or wrong answers. It’s all about finding the right vehicle for your needs—which may vary from job to job and day to day! The best way to do this is by reaching experts at leading companies to know about what types of trucks are available, what they offer, and how they might fit into your business model.


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