5 best Minecraft streamer Dreams Quotes in 2022

5 best Minecraft streamer Dreams Quotes in 2022

5 best Minecraft streamer Dreams Quotes are: 5 best Minecraft streamer Dream’s quotes: Minecraft YouTuber Clay “Dream” has gained a lot of popularity since Covid19 started. YouTube subscribers have now surpassed 23,4 million, and the number is growing daily.

The app provided fans with a wealth of content since it was launched in 2014. Whether it was through YouTube videos, streams, or content created by friends, he made fans laugh.

Even though it’s mostly known for its fast-paced content and Dream SMP, it also provides some funny and inspiring quotes from time to time.

5 best Minecraft streamer Dream’s quotes!

Minecraft Streamer Dream Quotes

5;- Classic …

“C’mere George!”

Dream is known for his human hunting videos, of which he tries to defeat Minecraft, while 4 of his friends hunt him down and try to kill him at the same time. This quote became the main thing in the search for Minecraft, although it is known that Dream said it while playing a modified Minecraft, where the stakes are much lower.


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4:- The one that gets fans every time

“Boohoo Cracker”

After Minecraft Championship 8, Georgenotfound was seen complaining about one of the events that had just ended. Dream and George end the quarrel before Dream utters the cult line “Loose fair and square, boohoo cracker”. Since then, it’s been a major thing in the Minecraft community,   Whenever he hears that line he always laughs, which always makes him laugh whenever he hears it.


3:- A very simple inspirational saying

“Why sad? Good luck!”

While streaming the loose start of Minecraft, someone donated a simple word to Dream – “sad”. After seeing it, Dream says the quote, “Why sad? Good luck!” in a somewhat encouraging tone. Dream is known to speak exciting words to his fans, and this proves to be a simple but influential statement.

2:- A quote for those going through hard times

“You have to persevere. If you’re going through something, don’t think about losing or not being able to endure it. Think about how you’re going to make it, because you’re going to have to push through it, because you’re going to persevere. in the end you will be happy, in the end you will live your life and your dreams, your family and everything. Think about the smiles on your faces, on the faces of your friends when you persevere and don’t think that you can’t accept it at the moment. “

 Despite the length of the quote, the message is important. Gameplay on the stream ends with Dream, Georgenotfound, and Sapnap celebrating their victory and discussing how they persevered.

A donation then comes in the middle and asks Dream if there are any encouraging words for people going through hard times, to which he responds with this long quote!

1:- A reminder that you like something doesn’t seem weird!

“Never let someone tell you that something you genuinely enjoy is weird. They’re weird because they care so much about what you enjoy.”

Fans of anything can use this quote as a good reminder to not be ashamed of anything. Nowadays, it is easy to feel doomed because one likes some things or does not like some things in society.

By ignoring what people say about your passions, you can suppress that thought and remember that people love what they love for a reason. These quotes from Minecraft streamers appear very often across all different social media platforms because they are highly appreciated!

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