100% Placement in CAE Post Graduation Programme

100% Placement in CAE Post Graduation Programme

Engineering students are finding it more and more challenging to land suitable assignments at multinational businesses in today’s fiercely competitive world.

Students either lack the skill set necessary to qualify for high-paying positions or the experience necessary to apply for companies with respectable projects or incentives.

As an engineering student, you need the support of institutions that offer the necessary education to point you in the correct direction and educate you on abilities that improve your portfolio. This article answers your question, does Skill-Lync provide placement.

Skill-Lync: Providing One Hundred Percent Placements

There is a platform for online learning called Skill-Lync for advanced engineering courses.

All registered CAE PG certification students have received positions from Skill-Lync at a rate of 100%. 2019 saw the start of an experiment by Skill-Lync based on a core idea.

How much self-improvement could a student achieve if he put in 60 hours per week for 12 weeks to complete 12+ industry-related tasks to become eligible for a white-collar job?

For this trial, Skill-Lync chose seven students with average percentages ranging from 60 to 75 per cent. The pupils were neither members of their schools’ privileged classes nor were they inborn intellectual giants.

Over 12 weeks or three months, Skill-Lync taught seven students in 3 to 4 industry-focused programs.

For these three months, you will:

  • Spend 8–10 hours watching videos related to the programme.
  • They worked on their projects geared toward the sector.
  • Their inquiries were clarified by experts, demonstrating their curiosity.
  • All of the program’s participants followed the pattern mentioned earlier.

After 12 weeks, Skill-Lync taught students four or more relevant skills, conducted a challenging tool test, and gave them ten or more opportunities to practise those abilities.

The abilities taught by Skill-Lync included:

  • Material Durability
  • Introduction to Material Strength
  • Finite Element Analysis Overview
  • Principles of CFD

Support Offered by Skill-Lync

No matter the day or hour, Skill-Lync created a support system that could address the questions of all students enrolled in various programmes.

This system answered all the students’ queries with outstanding response accuracy and short response times.

To achieve this, Skill-Lync worked diligently to develop a user-friendly and practical assistance system.

Support System Provided

Through their assistance programme, Skill-Lync offered three ways for students to get in touch with them:

  • Whatsapp Group: Students could post simple questions to the WhatsApp group and get responses as soon as possible.
  • 1-1 Session: If your query is complicated, you can speak with their support representative directly at any time, arrange a 1-1 video conference call, and have your inquiries addressed by screen-sharing.
  • Email Ticketing System: To contact Skill-Lync whenever you have a query, you have to write an email. They promise to respond to your questions within six hours.

Along with the industry-focused coursework and accessibility to hard and relevant projects, this support structure helped the students create a portfolio that set them apart.

Quality of Placements

Despite the fact that all individuals who pursued a programme through Skill-Lync were recent graduates, the placement firms awarded the students work after reviewing their resumes.

Fresh graduates who signed up with Skill-Lync before going to interviews could land jobs that weren’t even open to them.

The key goal was to show dedication, stay on task, and finish several good projects in order to gain the required work experience.

Skill-Lync offers commendable placements and gives the students placement support.


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