10 Ways to Use Explainer Videos for Social Media Marketing

10 Ways to Use Explainer Videos for Social Media Marketing

The digital marketplace has reached a saturation level, with approximately 137,000 new companies entering the market every day. This has made it difficult for businesses to stand out and become visible to prospects.

If you’re looking to promote your business on social media and are looking for effective ways to do it in the best way possible, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we will talk about the best tactic to promote your business through social media marketing by leveraging short explainer videos. Explainer videos grab the attention of the viewers, promote the product, and increase sales dramatically.

Let’s dig deeper into how social media explainer videos can help you boost your social media marketing campaign to bring amazing results.

How to Use Short Videos on Social Media 10 Times More Effectively

Therefore, it is feasible to determine when and why it is worthwhile to add explanatory video material to your social media accounts. Here are some excellent illustrations of how to use short films creatively to grab your subscribers’ interest.

  1. Teach a new skill

The substance in tutorials is always excellent. Imagine being able to learn anything effortlessly in under two minutes or even 30 seconds. Sounds awesome, no? Therefore, your subscribers will like the lengthy explanatory film that may impart knowledge. But you should approach it like a true professional. But you should approach it like a true professional. You might demonstrate how to apply 80s party makeup in two minutes if you sell cosmetics, or you could demonstrate how to utilize an app rapidly if you advertise one.

  1. Display Your knowledge

Showing off your abilities in a little film is another approach to exhibiting your knowledge. Do you have any design experience? Remove the “before” and “after” footage, and then demonstrate how you styled it. People must comprehend who to turn to if they need assistance and why.

  1. Demonstrate your products

Ideas and knowledge are excellent, but your product must also be put on a nice display. For individuals who are marketing certain goods or services, this is the first thing that springs to mind. Of course, mentioning the product in your new demo is essential and important. However, it is crucial to stand out and be remembered by the viewers amid the unnecessary video evaluations. To outperform the competition, try to come up with an unconventional presenting strategy.

  1. Give advice on picking something new

This approach falls in the middle of a training video and a product showcase. The consumer frequently finds it challenging to choose the best decision while making purchases. They’ll be grateful if you help them. Buying stuff from you as well.

Tell us the fundamental guidelines for deciding, and then share your own experiences. Thus, the customer will have access to some of the brand’s native advertising as well as receive helpful information that is crucial to them (which is important for you). You may easily show a logo, interactive buttons, etc., here. And never make somebody angry.

  1. Tamp down misunderstandings about the good or service

The information you provide frequently gets misheard and misrepresented in the mess of being heard. Sharing a text that is difficult to read but no one even notices or watching a film that everyone enjoys?

Your decision is yours. A tale that people don’t want to end is told in an explanatory video. An explainer film is a helpful tool to dispel common misunderstandings about your product or service since viewers want to learn details all the way through.

  1. Show off your company backstage

You can offer reviews, personal stories, and professional videos, but it won’t change your audience’s mind. If you operate with digital services, you could also upload a video showing the entire team—including the founder—working on processing a challenging request or packaging a large order. Your most skeptical audience will appreciate you if you do it.

By revealing what happens behind the scenes, you can humanize your firm. It’s crucial that subscribers can tell you’re legitimate.

  1. Announce successes and milestones

Sharing your company’s successes is always a wise move. It not only boosts employee morale but also shows them that their efforts are having an impact. When you choose an explainer cartoon, this becomes ten times more profitable. This video style makes a huge announcement about your accomplishments. You may also include the highlights of your travel in brief yet interesting film.

It’s safe to argue that documenting your accomplishments and publishing them online is a great social media marketing strategy. It astounds your current clients and also aids in luring in new ones.

  1. Deconstruct complex ideas

According to research, customers are more inclined to buy from you if they truly comprehend what you are selling. An explainer film precisely explains the issue at hand, as the name implies. Even claims that your answer is the only possible solution to the issue. This proves that customers are aware of your brand. So, if you need to convey complex or technical ideas, a cartoon explainer film can be the answer. You will undoubtedly see an increase in your sales after you incorporate them into your social media marketing approach!

  1. Speak up

Take pictures even if you don’t have a product, event, team, or panorama camera available. Alternately, use experts to create eye-catching visuals to engage your audience in between news updates. Discuss the subject in depth, voice your ideas, breaking news, etc.

Simply get out there and be helpful. Keep an eye on them and maintain contact. It’s not essential to constantly believe the hype. In these criteria, explainer films are fairly ubiquitous and, with the exception of advertisements, etc., may help speak up about a variety of concepts.

  1. Trigger Emotions

Turning to the mind is like marketing a product. As soon as it is more lucrative for the user to purchase from your rivals, this connection with the consumer will terminate. However, you are selling values when you appeal to emotion. It enables you to cultivate distinctive connections with your audience and turn clients into ardent supporters, influencers, or product evangelists.

The growth of subscriber loyalty to your brand is one of the objectives of video content. To do this, please inspire and encourage people as well as educate them and increase sales.


Video content is already being used by smart business people for social media marketing. Create brief animated explanation movies for your company to use in social media strategies and ride the wave.


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