10 best life RPG apps for Android: Gamify your life 2022

10 best life RPG apps for Android: Gamify your life 2022

10 best life RPG apps for Android: Gamify your life: Motivating yourself can be done in many ways. To stay organized, you can use apps like a to-do list or a calendar. Motivating yourself is also a great way to stay organized. You don’t have to rely on this alone. Life RPG is one of the best options. It’s basically a to-do list app, but you gain experience and level up while you do your to-dos. Your life can be played like a tabletop game. Consequently, you turn everyday tasks such as eating, brushing your teeth, exercising, etc. into daily quests. Check out these awesome Android MMORPG apps. This might sound silly, but it works for many people. Check out these Android RPG apps.

Do it now

price: Free / $2.49 per month / $18.99 per year / $45.99 per time

Do It Now has a fairly basic user interface, but it is one of the most customizable life RPG apps on the list. Dungeons & Dragons style character sheets basically describe your life. They give you points for things like charisma and willpower. There’s no shortage of things you can learn there, and you’ll receive a certain reward for doing so. In addition to calendars, reminders, and organizers, there are also nice statistics charts.   Subscribing to additional features, like no ads and more themes, is $45.99, or you can purchase it once for that price. Even though it is very expensive, you won’t have to pay a subscription fee.

Epic to-do list

price: Free / $0.99

Epic to-do list is a simple and effective life simulation game. Most of the time, it works like any other to-do list app. You can create tasks, add reminders, and duplicate repetitive tasks like dumping trash. Additionally, it includes game currency, player attributes, and various unlockable items such as weapons. The game also includes widgets. In terms of functionality, it won’t blow you away, but it will definitely satisfy you. Moreover, it’s an inexpensive and good option for people who prefer simplicity.

Epic victory

price: emptied

EpicWin was originally developed for iOS, and its Android port is quite good as well. Basically, it’s a gamified to-do list, so you won’t get a full RPG experience, but it’s still fun. There is a complete to-do list with all the common features in the streamlined UI. As you complete tasks, the game also adds animated battles for additional participation. The game is also completely free to use with some ads, so it is perfect for life RPG enthusiasts on a budget.

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price: Free / $4.99 per month / $47.99 per year / in-app purchases

Habatica is one of the most popular life RPG apps on mobile devices. It is available for Android and iOS, as well as Chrome extensions. With this, you can play and continue anywhere. It includes most of the same activities as the others, but also includes group activities. As long as everyone follows through, you can level up together with your friends. There is also a party chat feature. It’s an in-depth game with a social element that makes it easy to invite friends. In addition to a group discount, you can also get a discounted subscription if you join as a group.

Habit hunter

price: Free / $1.99

Life RPGs have fewer RPGs than Habit Hunter (formerly Goal Hunter). Perform common tasks like lists and notifications. On the other hand, you can also get a full map to explore as you complete your daily tasks. You can also gain XP, defeat monsters, and collect various treasures. With its overworld map mechanics, it adds slightly more games than most, so instead of a very fun RPG style, you feel as though you’re playing. It’s also very inexpensive. Despite its simplicity, it is a new app, so give it some time to grow and you should be able to enjoy it.

Habit march

price: Free / $2.49

Life gamification app Habit Streak lacks a great deal of features like other games. I’m still typing in tasks, adding recurring tasks and trying to accomplish everything every day. What’s changed is how I execute them. All accomplishments are recorded in this application, and the goal is to keep them all in a row every day. The premise is much simpler than most other life RPG apps, and it’s a good option if you don’t want fantasy aspects in other apps. According to reviews, the free version has some problems, but the pro version has much better ratings. I suggest that you try the free version first and see whether you like it or not.

King Elf Habit RPG

price: Free / up to $2.99

A new life RPG app with cool extra features is Kingelf Habit RPG. This application features common task management items, but adds a drag-and-drop mechanism to order items properly. Furthermore, the game has two mini-games, task completion tracking, and a way to earn gems. Gems can be used to summon heroes to help in mini-games, and to unlock premium versions of the app for a limited time.   Even though it’s still new and the ads can be annoying, a new app is still on the way.

Level Up Life

price: Free / $2.99 ​​per month / $19.99 per year

This is yet another great life RPG with an old-style retro look. Most of the other games in the genre work and play similarly. A player earns achievements as they perform and complete real-world tasks. You can build better habits by unlocking increasingly difficult achievements as you level up. Even though you can cheat the system and get all the achievements whenever you want, if that’s what you’re trying to do, this may not be the best idea for you. It also has a social media style friend system that allows you to compete with other players.

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price: Free / up to $1.99

A popular life RPG app is LifeRPG. It works almost the same way as other products. You can perform daily tasks from the game to quests, level up, and get objects. Additionally, you can add skills and organize missions according to different priorities, including energy levels. This pack stands out for its level of customization and comprehensiveness. Simply put, you can view your stats however you like and do whatever you want. It does, however, eliminate some of the fantasy elements, so you cannot collect weapons or loot, only experience. One of the best options for minimalists.


price: $ 0.99

There’s something different about LifeUp. Many of the apps on this list are fantasy-themed. People who want a game like this but don’t want the whole Dungeons & Dragons feel might be turned off by the fantasy element. That’s where LifeUp comes in. You do things, you level up, you organize your habits. There are common features such as reminders, recurring tasks, and task completion history in this app. The app wraps everything in a simple material design UI that looks like a normal app. By gaining XP in the app, you can also get collectibles for the shelves. The app also has a community feature. In-app purchases and ads are not available for this app. It is available for $0.99 prepaid.

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